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ch. 30 Exam Review

ch. 30 Exam Review pg.5

1923. Germany falls behind in paying reparations. Government prints paper money. _____________ spiral. 100 marks (July 1922) equals 944,000 marks (August 1923). Salaries rise dramatically. But prices rise faster. Savings are wiped out. inflation
1924._______________________. USA gains British and French approval to reduce reparations. France withdraws from Ruhr, American loans help Germany economy recover. Dawes Plan
_____________ (1889-1945) is born in Austria, High school dropout. Moves to Germany. 1919. Hitler (ex-soldier) joins a small group of right-wing extremists. 1920. He becomes leader of group. National Socialist German Workers or _____________party. Adolf Hitler Nazi
1923. Hitler’s failed coup lands him in jail. He writes ____or My Struggle. Book is basis of Nazi ideology. Extreme Nationalism. Racism. Anti-Semitism. Germans belong to superior “master race.” Aryans are light-skin Europeans. Mein Kampf
Germany WWI loss: betrayal by conspiracy of __________________, __________________, __________________. Germany must expand to gain Lebenstraum or ‘living space’ for its people. Marxists Jews Bad politicians
1933. Hitler is elected __________________. Conservatives (fearing communists) turn to him. Hitler is master of Germany (__________________) within a year. One-party rule. chancellor the Fuhrer
1871. ____________ is Hitler’s new Germany that he says will dominate Europe for 1,000 years. Hitler repudiates (rejects) Treaty of Versailles. Third Reich
Nazis condemn jazz. Glorify old German myths such as in operas of Richard Wagner. Nazis burn books like _______________________that insults German military. Nazis close Catholic schools. Muzzle Catholic and Lutheran clergy. All Quiet on the Western Front
1938. _______________________. Two-day riot. Young Jew shoots German diplomat. Hitler uses incident as excuse to attack Jewish communities all over Germany. Night of Broken Glass
Created by: ChloeJernigan