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Ch. 30 Exam Review

Ch. 30 Exam Review pg.4

Economy is under state control to encourage growth and end worker conflicts. Unlike socialists, Mussolini preserves ___________________ in his so-called “corporate state.” Representatives of business, labor, government and Fascist party control economy. capitalism
Mussolini coins term ‘fascism’ but fascists have no single unifying set of beliefs. Today, fascism is used to describe any______________ government not _________________t. Fascism has however basic features that start with its extreme _________________. authoritarian communist nationalism
Fascism also glorifies action, violence, discipline, and _____________. Fascism rejects the Enlightenment faith in reason and ideas of _____________ or _____________. Fascism accepts Social Darwinist idea of ‘survival of the fittest. Glorifies warfare. blind loyalty equality liberty
Mussolini builds the first totalitarian state that becomes a model for others. Totalitarian states (Italy, Germany, Russia) share basic features: (1) __________, (2) __________, (3) use of __________ and terror, (4) _______, (5) _______, (6)________. single-party dictatorship state control of economy police spies media censorship school indoctrination unquestioning obedience to a single leader
1919. German leaders draft a constitution in city of Weimar. Establish new government. New democratic government is known as _______________________. Weimar Republic
All Germans blame Weimar Republic for hated _______________________: heavy reparations. Versailles treaty
Created by: ChloeJernigan