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Ch. 30 Exam Review

Ch. 30 Exam Review pg.3

1929. (1)_______________________ All Quiet on the Western Front exposes horrors of modern warfare. (1)Remarque's
Radios bring news, music, sports. 1920s is (1)_______________________ Gertrude Stein cites (2)_______________________.’ Liberated women are (3)_______________________ bobbed hair, short skirts, unchaperoned dates. Charleston. (1) Jazz Age (2) lost generation (3) flappers
1919.(1)_______________________ does not give Italy territory that ends up as Yugoslavia. Nationalists are outraged. Veterans face unemployment. Trade down. Taxes up. The government, split into feuding factions, is powerless to end the crisis. (1) Paris Peace Conference
1919.(1)_______________________ (1883-1945). Blacksmith’s son. Was socialist in youth. During war he rejects socialism for intense nationalism. (1) Benito Mussolini
Mussolini organizes veterans and discontented Italians into (1)_______________________ party. Latin fasces – bundle of sticks wrapped around an axe – symbol of authority. (1) Fascist
1922. Fascists announce in rally at Naples a (1)“__________” of tens of thousands. King Victor Emmanuel III fears civil war. Asks Mussolini to be (2)________. Without firing a shot Mussolini gets ‘legal’ appointment. Undermines democracy. (1) March on Rome (2) prime minister
1925. Mussolini assumes more power. Takes title (1)____________ meaning ‘The Leader.’ Suppresses rival parties. Muzzles the press. Rigs elections with Fascists in. Italy is in theory a (2)_____________ but in reality a (3)_____________ (1) Il Duce (2) parliamentary democracy (3) dictatorship
Created by: ChloeJernigan