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Chapter 27

World War I and the Russian Revolution

World War I began in this year 1914
World War I ended in this year 1918
The United States joined World War I in this year 1917
This treaty ended the war the Treaty of Versailles
This country was forced to pay reparation for the war, leading to a depression in that country Germany
These countries made up the Central Powers Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire
These countries made up the Allied Powers Great Britain, France, Russia, Japan, the United States
The assassination of this man was the spark that led to World War I Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Franz Ferdinand was from this empire Austria-Hungary
Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by a man from this country Serbia
A complicated system of these led other countries to join World War I alliances
These two ideas also led to World War I militarism, nationalism
This was the typical type of fighting in World War I trench warfare
These were new technologies used in World War I airplanes, tanks, poison gas, flamethrowers
This country left fighting in World War I in 1917 and later became the Soviet Union Russia
This empire collapsed after World War I and became Turkey Ottoman Empire
This empire broke apart after World War I and became Austria and Hungary Austro-Hungarian Empire
PTSD was first called this after World War I Shell Shock
This was a condition that soldiers developed from standing in the trenches Trench Foot
The entrance of this country into World War I turned the tides for the Allies and led to the defeat of the Central Powers the United States
This man led the Bolsheviks in the Russian Revolution and later became the leader of the Soviet Union Vladimir Lenin
This man was the last tsar of Russia Nicholas II
The February Revolution in Russia led to this the end of the tsar
The October Revolution in Russia led to this the Bolsheviks taking over
This followed the Russian Revolution a civil war
The Russian Revolution(s) took place in this year 1917
This new type of government/economic system was a key result of the Russian Revolution communism
Vladimir Lenin followed the ideas of this man Karl Marx
Most fighting in World War I took place on this continent Europe
After World War I this nation emerged as a world power the United States
After World War I, Germany lost control of these its colonies
This man served in World War I and would lead Germany into World War II over anger at the Treaty of Versailles Adolf Hitler
The February Revolution in Russia began in this city Petrograd (St. Petersburg)
The October Revolution is remembered for being this bloodless
The Russian Civil War was between these two groups the Red Army and the White Army
This group won the Russian Civil War Bolsheviks (Red Army)
Created by: Mrs. Marquardt