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spelling 2

Epicardial over the heart
Kyphosis humpback
Lacrimal related to tears
Myopia nearsightedness, eyeball too long from front to back
Cervical pertaining to the neck or to the cervix of the uterus
Hypoxia low level of oxygen in the tissue
Ligation binding or tying off, as in constricting the blood flow of a vessel
Invasive entering the body, breaking skin
Tachypnea quick shallow breathing
Prognosis probable outcome of an illness
Intubation insertion of a tube
Sclera outer covering of the eye
Atrophy wasting away
Craniotomy opening of the skull
Xeroderma dry, discolored, scaly skin
Fissure cleft or groove
Albinism lack of color pigment
Collagen protein substance of skin
Modality treatment method
Dysuria painful urination
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