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Chapter 4

Medical Terminology

prefix the part of word that comes before the word root. homeo-stasis, sub-cutaneous
word root subject of medical term and foundation on which the word is built.
suffix word ending that changes or adds to the meaning of word root. 1st identify it to determine meaning of the word root.
combining form combining word root(s), suffixes and vowels to make pronunciation easier.
combining vowel vowel (o - most common, then i) added between word roots or word root and suffix to make pronunciation easier. Altogether is called combined form.
-ology - -ologist study of - specialist in the study of
pnea breathing
-lysis breakdown or destruction
-ectomy excision, removal
-tomy incision
-cyte cell
-stasis stopping, controlling
-pathy disease
-ous, ic, tic, ar, ary pertaining to
-osis condition
-oma tumor
-meter instrument
-megaly enlargement
-emia blood condition
-itis inflammation
stasis stopping, controlling
spasm twitch, involuntary muscle movement
centesis surgical puncture to remove fluid
pathy disease
penia deficiency
rrhage excess, flow
poiesis formation, production erythropoiesis formation of red blood cells.
ule, ole small
oxia Oxygen level
algia pain
ase enzyme
ectomy removal of
emia blood condition hyperthyroidemia, anemia
gram record, recording
ia state or condition
megaly enlargement
meter instrument to measure
hyper too much, high
hypo low, under
intra within
inter between
iso same, equal
macro large
micro small
mal poor - malnutrition
mono one
bi two
tri three
semi half
poly many
peri around
pre before
post after
tachy rapid
brady slow
cata down, breakdown
ana upward, again
dia across, thru
dys difficult
endo in, within
epi on, over
extra, exo outside
hetero different heterosexual
homo, homeo same - homeostatis, homosexual
neo new neonatal
natal birth
per through percutaneous
peri around
sclerosis hardening of - arteriosclerosis
rrhage excess/abnormal flow
osteo bones
encephalo brain
poly much
adip, lip fat
arteri artery
arthr/o joint arthritis
bili bile
bronch bronchus
bucc cheek
carcin cancer
cardi heart
cephal head
chondr cartilage
coron crown, citrcle
crin to secrete endocrine
cry cold
cutane skin subcutaneous
cyst bladder
dermis, derm skin
enter intestines
rhodo, erythro red
leuk, albus white
melano, anthr black
cyan blue
chloro green
cirrhos orange yellow
chromo color
luteus, xantho yellow
polio gray
porphyro purple
nulli none
haplo single
quadri, tetra four
penta five
hex, sex six
octo, octa eight
nona nine
deci ten
esophag esophagus
est female
fibrin fiber
gastro stomach
gluc, glyc sugar
hem, hemat blood
hepat liver
hist tissue
kerat hard
morph form
necr death
nephr kidney
neuro nerve
onc tumor
osteo bone
path disease
ped child
phag eat, swallow
phleb vein
pneumon air, lung
pulmon lung
ren kidney
thromb clot
thorac chest
tox poison
urin, ur urine
vas vessel
ven vein
viscer organ
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