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Denne's Chapter 28

Denne's Chapter 28 2016

Political leader, who set up the first European fascist movement in Italy. Mussolini
Political leader of Russia who launched the Five Year Plan. Stalin
Established a dictatorship in Spain that lasted until 1975. Franco
The leader of Germany who established a totalitarian state. Hitler
The right of unions to negotiate with employers over wages and hours Collective bargaining
A term used to identify people speaking Indo-European languages; Nazi misused the term, treating it as a racial designation an identifying the Aryans with the ancient Greeks and Romans and twentieth-century Germans and Scandinavians Aryan
When a government pays out more money than it takes in through taxation and other revenues, thus going into debt Deficit Spending
A government that aims to control the political, economical, social, intellectual, and cultural lives of its citizens Totalitarian State
A system in which private farms are eliminated and peasants work land owned by the government. Collectivization
Russian councils composed of representatives from the workers and soldiers. Soviet
To formally give up control of a country or state. Abdicate
A political philosophy that glorifies the state about the individual by emphasizing the need for a strong central government led by a dictatorial ruler. Fascism
The Dawes Plan reduced reparations that Germany had to pay.
What laws made life difficult for Jews in Nazi Germany? Nuremburg Laws
In a totalitarian state, individual freedoms are denied in a favor of broad government control
By hoarding food and killing livestock, the peasants showed their opposition to collectivization of farms
What was the result of the United States' refusal to join the League of Nations? the League became ineffective
The country that became victim to hyperinflation after World War One. German
Increased government activity in the economy during the Great Depression led people to follow political leaders who offered simple solutions in return for dictatorial power.
Stalin's 5 Year Plan intended to transform the Soviet Union into an industrial society.
Hitler's political theories were based on racism and nationalism
Hitler ended Germany's depression, economic woes, and unemployment by implementing public works projects.
The French New Deal gave workers the right to use collective bargaining
With rapid industrialization came an equally rapid ______ of agriculture, a system in which private farms were eliminated. collectivization
The Enabling Act gave the government the power to ignore the constitution while it dealt with the country's problems.
What was the Popular Front? a French program that gave workers the right to collective bargaining.
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt dealt with the Depression in the U.S. by instituting a policy of active government intervention in the economy.
How did the Italian Fascists spread propaganda? through the mass media
Who gained control of the Communist party by purging it of anyone who opposed him? Stalin
The _____________ excluded Jews from German citizenship. Nuremberg Laws.
In Germany inflation and unemployment during the Great Depression paved the way for Authoritarian leaders.
What was the Kristallnacht that happened on November 9, 1938? A destructive rampage against Jews by the Nazis.
Which of the following countries strictly enforced the Treaty of Versailles as they wanted Germany to pay for causing the war? France
Which of the following was signed by 65 countries to renounce war as an instrument of national policy? Kellogg-Briand Pact
Hitler’s book ___________ became widely popular. My struggles (Mein Kampf)
Depression a period of low economic activity and rising unemployment
Annual yearly
prohibit to prevent or forbid
Ant-Semitism Hostility towards or discrimination against Jews
NAZI Shortened form of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party
Inflation rapid increase prices
Require To demand as being necessary
Terror Violence or threats of violence used for intimidation or coercion
Dictatorship Absolute, imperious, or overbearing power or control
Which of the following was an effect of the Great Depression? Masses of people began to follow leaders who offered solution, often at the expense of democracy.
Great Britain a European countries remained democratic during the “Age of Anxiety.
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