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Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome Vocabulary

Modern day country where Rome is located Italy
A piece of land that is surrounded by water on three sides Peninsula
Man who killed his twin brother and founded Rome (he named it after himself) Romulus
Twin brother of Romulus Remus
Trojan war hero whom Romans trace their history back to Aeneas
Type of government where people elect leaders to govern them Republic
Rulers with absolute power Dictator
Famous Roman dictator who resigned his position before his term was over because Rome's problems were solved Cincinnatus
Common people of Rome who wanted more control in the government Plebeians
Wealthy people of Rome who controlled much of the government Patricians
Elected officials of Rome Magistrates
2 most powerful magistrates Consuls
Group of powerful Romans who advised the consuls Senate
Official language of Rome Latin
Rome's public meeting place Forum
Government bodies that represented the common people Assemblies and Tribunes
Rome's written law code The Law of Twelve Tables
Law code that is written down Civil Law
Groups of Roman soldiers Legions
Wars between Rome and Carthage Punic Wars
General from Carthage that led elephants across the Alps Hannibal
2 brothers who served as tribunes and created many farms in Rome; killed because of their ideas Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus
Roman leader who allowed any man to join the army and not just ones with property Gaius Marius
Powerful Roman who seized power from Gaius Marius and became a dictator Sulla
Former gladiator who led a revolt for the freedom of the slaves Spartacus
Powerful Roman general who became dictator for life and was later murdered by senators Julius Caesar
Members of the First Triumvirate Pompey Crassus Julius Caesar
Caesar's good friend and assistant who co--ruled with Octavian for a tie Marc Antony
Caesar's adopted son who later became the Roman emperor Augustus Octavian
Egyptian queen who caused a rift between Marc Antony and Octavian Cleopatra
Rome's first emperor who made many internal improvements in the city; formerly known as Octavian Augustus
Roman emperor who built a huge wall in Britain to mark the boundary between Roman and non-Roman territory Hadrian
200 year period of Roman peace and prosperity Pax Romana
Roman city that was buried when Mt. Vesuvius erupted Pompeii
Bloody fight to the death matches held in arenas such as the Colosseum; favorite Roman entertainment Gladiator games
Purpose of the Roman Road network Move military Trade
Doctor who studied the circulatory system (heart, arteries, veins) Galen
Roman structure used to bring fresh water into the city and unclean water out Aqueduct
Wrote the Aenid Virgil
Type of writing that pokes fun at politics or society Satire
Languages that developed from Latin Romance Languages
Christian woman who was killed as a martyr by the Romans Perpetua
Someone who dies for their faith Martyr
Roman emperor who divided the empire into 2 halves Diocletian
Roman emperor who legalized Christianity Constantine
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