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Japan Quiz

Typhoons helped to defeat the Mongols kamikaze
Command of all the emperors military Shogun
A plan to establish a government Constitution
Warriors who agree to fight for land Samurai
Sports that involve combat and self-discipline. Martial Arts
Powerful military lords who ran the land like kingdoms Daimyo
One who serves a lord Vassal
A bond of loyalty between lord and vassal Feudalism
War between the Taria and the Minamoto Gempei War
People who follow Shinto believe Everything in nature has a spirt
What country’s government did Prince Shotoku use as an example for Japan? China
What is calligraphy? beautiful writing
When the empire fell about the nobles formed what? private armies
Followers of Zen Buddhism control their bodies through meditation
In 1192, the newly appointed ___________ created two governments in Japan. Shogun
Hierarchy- top to bottom Shogun, daimyo, samurai, peasants
What did peasants give in return for protection? Food
What did samurai give to the peasants? Protection
What did the daimyos give to the samurai land
What the Shoguns give to the daimyos? land
What did the samurai give to the daimyo? loyalty
What was the samurai's code of honor? Bushido
Created by: Classicrocker