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pharm unit 5


gentamicin adverse effects ototoxicity and nephrotoxicity. headache, vertigo, dizziness, paresthesia, skin rash, fever, overgrowth of non susceptible organisms
if pt is allergic to penicillins you also wouldn't give them what? cephalosporins
what do you monitor with pts taking tetracycline and what can it do especially in child hood you monitor teeth discoloration, superinfections, photosensitivity, diarrhea, vitamin k synthesis, pseudomembranous colitis, anemia, thrombocytopenia, sle exacerbation, gi upset, rash. may cause discolored teeth, and growth development in children.
what do you do after administering first dose of antibiotic? monitor for 30 minutes for allergic reaction such as hives, anaphylaxis, breathing difficulty, angioedema, epidermal necrolysis, rash
why do we tell pts to take the full prescription of antibiotics so that the body will completely rid of the infection, and you don't end up with superinfections
an effective treatment for mrsa or streplaclosis vancomycin
pt teaching with teclacycline photosensitive
what do you want to do before starting an antibiotic do a culture and sensitivity
why use zythromax or biaxin rather than erythromycin? a better daily dosing and longer duration
acyclovir ( zovirax) is an antiviral given for what suppressing hiv, chickenpox, shingles and managing recurrence
acyclovir (zovirax) common side effect is what bone marrow suppression
zidovudine (azt, adv, retrovir) antiviral agent that effects bone marrow suppression. you would change to videx after you take zidovudine for a while which does not cause severe bone marrow suppression
therapeutic effects of antiviral agents delayed progression of the aides related complex or aides itself
antretroivirals treat everything except what hiv and aides
retrovirals treat what aides and hiv
how do retrovirals work stop the replication and interfere with the rna
tama flue and Relenza fight the flu you must take it within 2 days of onset
side effects of rifampin and inh that are used for tb numbness and tingling of extremities
what do you give with inh pyridoxine witch is vitamin b-6
what should you observe for with anti tubercular therapy signs of hepatic inpairment
what do woman need to be aware of with rifampin alternate form of contraception
what medication should you avoid with INH antacids
how long will pts be on INH 12-24 months
for pts who are exposed to tb monitor glucose, no alcohol and treat family prophylactically
why is it necessary to use multidrug treatment for tb it reduces chances of getting resistant to the medications
what is amphoteracin antfungal and its severe adverse effects are fever, chills, hypotension, tachycardia, malaise, muscle and joint pain, anorexia, nausea and vomiting, renal toxicity and seizures.
what is a way to avoid adverse side effects with amphoteracin pretreatment with antipyretics (acetaminophen) antihistamines, and antiemetic's can reduce side effects of the drug
what is vermox tx for worms manly round worms. teach that it may cause diarrhea
medications to treat malaria combination of sulfonamides and tetracyclines to further augment the protozoalcidal effect
how is malaria transmitted bite of infected female mosquito (anopheles) . would see them in areas such as Dominican republic
tx to prevent malaria may take cloroquine 2 weeks prior to going to these areas and 8 weeks after returning
adverse reactions to antihelmics diarrhea and anorexia
what does antiseptic do kills germs and is used on living objects
what does disinfectants do stops germs from growing and used on non living objects
examples of antiseptics Beda dine
what do you worry about with Beda dine shell fish and iodine allergies
what is a nosocomial infection hospital acquired or health care associated infection
what do NSAIDS do ant inflammatory, antipyretic, promotes bleeding.
what are medication interactions with NSAIDS salicylates and MAOIS. aspirins, warfin, comadin, anti coagulants
sign of salicylate intoxication hearing loss (tinnitus)
what do you do with children who have chicken pox give them ibuprofen and Motrin do not give them Tylenol
what is cytotec for gastric bleeding
conditions contraindicated with NSAIDS allergy, pregnancy and bleeding, ulcers, menstruation, nose bleeds
what do you give for transplants immunosuppressants
adverse effect of Imuran leukopenia. discontinue therapy if leukocytes drop below 3000
signs of anaphylactic reaction difficulty breathing, call 911 or use epee pen
who should you not five immunizing or immunosuppressant to anyone who is immune-o-compromised, active infections and pregnancies
what do we give for a brown reclus bite antivenin
what are the 3 routes of exposure of anthrax to humans touch, eat or breath
extravasion of tissues when administering cancer drugs stop and call dr immediately for antidote
neutropenic precautions because of chemo no plants, no fresh fruits or vegetables, reverse isolation, wear mask if in public
flurouracil therapy works against solid tumors. needs to report signs of bleeding, white spots or ulceration in the mouth, can form thrush and ulceration
what do you do with a chemo pt monitor electrolytes they will have lots of vomiting and nausea. push lots of floods when they are feeling well
what does epigen n do stimulates red cells for severe anemia
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