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Age of Discoveries

Portuguese and Spanish discoveries and colonizations

The Mayas lived in? Yucatán Peninsula
The Inca empire was located in? On the Western shore of South America, the Andes.
The Aztecs were...? A warrior empire located in nowadays Mexico
Who was Christopher Columbus? An explorer who had the idea of sailing West in order to reach India
First navigator to sail around the world Juan Sebastián Elcano
First navigator to reach to round Africa Bartolomew Dias
What was the name of the explorer who discovered Florida? Juan Ponce de León
What is the Columbian Exchange? The ideas, products, traditions and people who crossed the Atlantic Ocean from America to Europoe and vice versa
The Treaty of Tordesillas In 1494 the Pope divided all newly discovered (and all not discovered yet) lands outside Europe between Portugal and Spain
The Aztecs had... created a big empire by conquering nerby kingdoms, making them to pay tributes.
The Mayas are famous for ... their stepped pyramids, made out of stone.
In 1532... Francisco de Pizarro invaded the Inca Empire (ruled by Atahualpa)
Hernán Cortés was... A nobleman that conquered the Aztec empire in 1519
Why could the viceroys make decisions without asking the king? Because it took too long time to travel between Europe and America.
What was one of the most important reasons for the death of thousands of indigenous people? Europeans brought diseases like smallpox and influenza
What was the main purpose for priests to go to America? To convert natives to Catholicism.
What were the most important products to export from the colonies to Europe? Silver and gold
Overseas empires Set of foreign territories ruled by a European kingdom (Portugal and Spain)
Who was the first explorer realizing about the discovered lands as a new continent? Amerigo Vespucci
How many expeditions made Columbus to the West? Four, being the first one where he landed in Guanahaní
Who were the "Mestizos"? Those born of Spanish father and indigenous mother, located in the intermediate social class step.
Council of Indies Institution with the purpose of making laws in the Spanish colonies in America.
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