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WWI World History

World War One for World History

4 Main Causes of WWI Militarism Alliances Imperialism Nationalism
Immediate Cause of WWI Assassination of Franz Ferdinand
Idea that a nation's strength is determined by its resources Militarism
Intense feelings of patriotism for your country Nationalism
Serbian nationalist who assassinated Franz Ferdinand Gavrilo Princip
2 major European alliances before WWI Triple Alliance Triple Entente
Alliance before WWI made up of Germany, Italy, and Austria Hungary Triple Alliance
Alliance before WWI made up of Great Britain, Russia, and France Triple Entente
Country which declared war on Serbia to begin WWI Austria Hungary
2 major sides fighting in WWI Central Powers Allies
Side during WWI which included the USA, Russia, and Great Britain Allies
Only South American country involved in WWI Brazil
Side during WWI which included the Ottoman Empire, Germany, and Austria Hungary Central Powers
Type of warfare which resulted in a deadlock and war of attrition during WWI Trench warfare
Failed German battle plan to defeat France quickly then attack Russia Schlieffen Plan
Space between opposing trenches No Man's Land
Term for Psychological and physical trauma experienced by soldiers during WWI Shell Shock
The invention of this severely limited the success of poison gas Gas masks
Most famous American ace fighter pilot Eddie Rickenbacker
Most famous German ace Red Baron
Occurs when Governments commit all their nation’s resources & take over industry to win a war Total War
Type of war where both sides try to wear down the enemy War of Attrition
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