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MS II Professional Development

The ability to identify with and understand another person's feelings, situation, & motives. Empathy
Truthfulness & integrity; the ability to admit mistakes so they may be corrected. Honesty
Capable of being relied upon; trustworthy. Dependability
To be prepared for learning and adapt to change to maintain a competent level of knowledge & skill. Willingness to learn
The ability to wait, persevere; capacity for calm endurance. Patience
Willingness to accept criticism and learn from it. Acceptance of criticism
Intense interest or excitement. Enthusiasm
Ability to begin or to follow through with a task without the assistance of others. Self-motivation
To say or do the correct thing; thoughtful. Tact
Able, capable. Competence
Being held accountable for actions or behaviors; willing to meet obligations. Responsibility
Ability to use good judgment & self-restraint in speech or behavior. Discretion
Defense mechanism involving the use of a reasonable or acceptable excuse as explanation for behavior. Rationalization
Defense mechanism in which an individual places the blame for his or her actions on someone else or circumstances. Projection
Defense mechanism in which feelings about one person are transferred to someone else. Displacement
Something given or received as an equivalent for a loss, service, or debt; defense mechanism involving substitution of one goal for another foal to achieve success. Compensation
Defense mechanism of escape; dream-like musing while awake. Daydreaming
Defense mechanism involving the transfer of painful or unacceptable ideas, feelings, or thoughts into the subconscious. Repression
Declaring untrue; refusing to believe. Denial
Defense mechanism in which an individual either ceases to communicate or physically removes self from a situation. Withdrawal
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