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Unit 3 Study Guide

Harriet Tubman was... A conductor of the Underground Railroad.
Lewis Lattimer was... A famous inventor who worked in New Jersey.
Abigail Goodwin was... She was in the Underground Railroad.
John P. Holland was.. An inventor who worked in New Jersey.
Eldridge Johnson was... An inventor who worked in New Jersey.
Emancipate to set free such as slavery or oppression
Slave State a state that allowed slavery before the Civil War
Underground Railroad a secret system of routes that helped former slaves escape
Free State a state where slavery was against the law before the Civil War
Secede to leave or withdraw
Civil War a war between 2 groups in the same country
Border State a state located between the North and the South that allowed slavery but had not seceded
Economy the way people in a state, region, or country use resources to meet their needs
Industry all the businesses that make one kind of product or provide one kind of service
Strike the stopping of work to make employers meet workers' deemands
Labor Union a group of workers who take action to improve their working conditions
The Great Migration the movement of thousands of African Americans from southern to northern states during the 1910's and the 1920's
Reform to change or improve
depression a time where there are few jobs and people have little money
Netrual not choosing a side during a disagreeement
Unemployed without a job
Munitions materials and supplies for war
Ration to control or limit the supply of resources or goods
Stock a share of ownership in a country
Discrimination unfair treatment based on a persons's skin, religion. or ethnic group
Suffrage the right to vote
Civil RIghts the rights and freedoms given by the Constitution to all citizens
Pollution anything that makes natural resources dirty or unsafe to use
Recycling using again
Terrorism the deliberate use of violence to promote a cause
Why did the southern states secede from the United States? They thought Abraham Lincoln would stop slavery.
New Jersey-ans were involved in the war by... Fighting and dying in the war like the Battle of Gettysburg.
How did the Great Depression begin? The stock market crash of 1929.
How did the Great Depression end? Jobs were created in WWII.
The New Deal was... President Roosevelt's plan to end the Great Depression.
What amendment made slavery illegal? The 13th amendment.
Certain places STILL did not allow African Americans because... The laws were almost all the time ignored.
Underground Railroad A secret tunnel of routes to help slaves escape.
Civil War The war between the north and south against slavery.
NJ inventors Lewis Lattimer;Thomas Edison;John P Holland;Eldridge Johnson;Albert Einstien
World War I A war against a lot of Europe.
Great Depression People didn't have a lot of money and jobs.
Created by: ayap