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7th - Chapter 14


The ________ is the unity of three divine persons - Father, Son (Jesus), and Holy Spirit - in one God Trinity
the watering of crops irrigation
group of people with similar background, customs, training, and income social class
the cultivation of soil to produce useful crops agriculture
an amount produced in excess of what is needed surplus
a skill in one type of work specialization
What do Jesus, Siddhartha Gautama, and Abraham all have in common? founders of religions
What 3 things are shared by both Judaism and Christianity? monotheistic, some sacred texts, same God
a form of government in which people elect their rulers republic
a person who rules alone without consulting others before making decisions absolute ruler
a 200 year period of peace and stability in the Roman Empire Pax Romana
the religion of the former Western Roman Empire over which the pope has ultimate authority Roman Catholic Church
What made Saul (Paul) so effective at converting a wide variety of people to Christianity? diverse political and cultural background
The ________ is the most important bishop and leader of the Catholic Church pope
human society with advanced development in political and social organization as well as in the arts and sciences civilization
a political unit that includes a city and its nearby farmlands city-state
a person who specializes in writing and serves as a record keeper scribe
a belief in many gods and goddesses polytheism
fertile soil deposited by a river silt
a set of written rules code of law
a collection of lands and people controlled by one ruler empire
acceptance of beliefs, habits, and practices of others toleration
How did Roman first view Christians within their empire? ignored them
How do we know about the life of Jesus? written in the Gospels
What event proved to many followers of Jesus that he was divine? his resurrection
the religion that was started by Siddhartha Gautama and is still practiced in many Asian nations today Buddhism
a social class in India that is based on a person's job caste
seasonal winds that shape the climate of the Indian Subcontinent monsoons
India's modern religion that developed out of Brahmanism Hinduism
0 degrees latitude Equator
0 degrees longitude Prime Meridian
the horizontal lines on a map that measure distances north and south of the Equator latitude
the vertical lines on a map that measure distances east and west of the Prime Meridian longitude
half of a globe or sphere hemisphere
a group of years with some distinctive feature(s) in common age, era, epoch
an account of a historical event that was created at the time the event occurred by someone who witnessed it primary source
an account of a historical even that was created after the event happened by someone who was not there to witness it secondary source
a man-made object with historical significance artifact
the preserved remains of early life fossil
The ________ developed by early Christian writers includes a belief in the Trinity. creed
a blending of Greek, Persia, Indian, and Egyptian cultures Hellenistic
a person who lives in a place and is entitled to protection by its government citizen
a body of land surrounded on 3 sides by water peninsula
a narrow strip of land that connects 2 larger landmasses isthmus
a person who takes power in an illegal way tyrant
The ________ were written after Jesus died by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John Gospels
Who made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire? Theodosius
The Roman governor ordered Jesus to be executed by ________. crucifixion
The letters from Paul to the Christian church are known as the ________ Epistles
________ often became Christians even though they were not Jewish first. Gentiles
Who changed Christianity to make it more appealing to Gentiles by eliminating the need to convert to Judaism before becoming a Christian? Paul
Priests and deacons are expected to obey ________, or local church leaders bishops
The journeys of Christian ________ spread Christianity throughout the Roman Empire and eventually much of the world missionaries
Jesus often delivered his message of justice, compassion, and the coming of God's kingdom in the form of ________ parables
a group of west-African peoples who gradually migrated south and east, spreading farming and herding through much of Africa Bantu
involving the continents of Europe and Asia trans-Eurasian
the ancient Chinese philosophy that stresses respect and proper relationships Confucianism
favorable for the growth of crops fertile
a king of ancient Egypt pharaoh
the spread of ethnic ideas and customs to other parts of the world cultural diffusion
________ wrote many letters to the church that became an important part of the New Testament Paul
The teachings of ________ became the basis of Christianity Jesus
Which 2 groups of people were drawn to Christianity because the religion viewed all members as being equal? women and slaves
When was Jesus born in Bethlehem? 4 BC
When was Jesus crucified and resurrected? AD 29
When did Paul's journeys take place that helped spread Christianity? AD 40s and 50s
When did Emperor Theodosius make Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire? AD 380
When did Nero begin the persecution of Christians in Rome? AD 64
When did Constantine end the persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire? AD 313
Which Roman emperor converted to Christianity because he prayed to God in a battle and believed that he helped him to win? Constantine
Jesus's twelve closest followers were called ________. disciples
Jesus's ________, or return to life, proved to many of his followers that he was divine. resurrection
It is likely that Paul was ________ by the Roman emperor Nero. persecuted
Why was Jesus arrested? he criticized how the temple was being run
Why did the persecution of the Christians by the Romans begin? Nero blamed them for the fire that destroyed Rome
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