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Scientific Revolutio

Ptolemy / Aristotle Earth center of the earth Church had approval, God placed earth in center
Nicolaus Copernicus Spheres, earth was not the center, revolve around sun Church disapproved
Galileo Father of experimental science, revolve around sun Church disapproved
Johannes Kepler Discovered laws of planetary motion Planets have oval shape, orbit sun
Middle Ages Heavenly objects and Earthly objects were different in this time
Aristotle heavy elements earth and water, fall light elements air and fire, rose air made things move, laws of motion accepted by medieval man
Galen Ancient Greek doctor, used his word ending up being incorrect
Sir Isaac Newton Laws of motion, same on earth and universe Law of gravity, objects fall, planets revolve sun Law of inertia, objects remain same place until force, cont. moving until force causes to stop
Andreas Versalius Studied anatomy, Father of anatomy
William Harvey studied heart and circulation
Anton van leeuwenhoek father of microbiology, used microscope, found microorganisms
Medieval Science not conduct studies or experiments
Francis Bacon wrote about experimental science, regarded beliefs of Middle Ages
Scientific Revolution began 1500's mans desire for new knowledge and truth, before ancient scholars (Greeks and Romans)
Created by: 18weatherwaxe