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MECHS WH 4week test

4 week test review

What did the capitalist countries claim during the Global depression? They claimed that the economy would regulate and correct itself.
The February (March) Revolution lead to the removal of _________________in March 1917. The Czar Nicolas II
During the Russian Revolution there was a large______________population. Peasant
Many western European countries adopted__________________ democratic socialism
Who was the President in the beginning of the Great Depression? President Hoover
Who was the first leader of the USSR? Vladimir Lenin
What was the communist goal for Russia? to industrialize Russia
The "______" were small revolutionary councils in Russia Soviets
The Russian economy was mostly _________with very little ________ agrarian; industry
What did the Romanov's use the secret police for? used against enemies of the Czar
When did the US Stock market crash? October 1929
Who took control of Russia after the revolutions and ended Russian participation in WWI? Vladimir Lenin
In the 1920's, farms and factories produced more__________than could be _____ goods; sold
What does NEP stand for? New Economic Policy
Who created the NEP Vladimir Lenin
What were the three groups involved in the Russian civil war? Bolsheviks (communist), Royalist (royal family), Green peasants
Did Russia have a large upper class population? False, had a large peasant population
Did the Great depression only occur in America? No, it spread to and beyond Europe.
What did industrial capitalism promote Personal materialism and social inequalities
What did Hoover do to solve the problems of the Great Depression? He didn't do anything
How did the US respond to the Great Depression? What kinds of programs were made under FDR presidency? Various relief and welfare programs to aid the poor, unemployed and elderly
What did Lenin offer the Russian people? Peace, land, and bread
When did the Russian Civil war start and end? 1917-1920
What country was physically untouched by WWI the United states
What were the Russian strikes and riots over? food and fuel shortages
What are three effects of the stock market crashing? Stock prices plummeted, Banks and business closed, unemployed rose, people lost their savings.
When Russia leaves the WWI, what was the name of the Treaty? Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
What did some countries become interested in during the great depression? Communism
What type of government was in place during the rule of the Romanov's? Autocracy (rule by one person)
Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal reform programs was designed to do what? Restart economic growth and prevent problems
Who offered Germany a truce and allowed Russian involvement in WWI to end? Vladimir Lenin
Who were the Reds during the Russian civil war? Bolsheviks
Who were the whites during the Russian civil war ? Royalist
What is the New Deal program? A combination of reforms designed to restart economic growth and prevent problems in the future
What did the Bolsheviks of the USSR use during the war? secret police
Compared the the rest of Europe what was Russia's economic issue? Very poor industry
This type of people protected their homes and lands during the Russian Civil war green peasants
What Treaty removes Russia from the war? The Treaty of Brest-litovsk
During the great depression, there was an emergence of empty factories, sour and bread lines, homeless people, and beggars
What are three symbols of the USSR flag? Hammer, sickle, star
What are soviets? small revolutionary councils formed by urban people
What ere some US government projects in response to the great depression? dams, highways, bridges, and parks
Who took Russia from a poor, industrialized nation to a highly industrialized nation? Lenin and Stalin
Industrial capitalism created vast social inequalities
The leadership of Tzar Nicolas II would be described as weak
FDR established what? The New Deal Program
How long did the Great depression last? about 10 years
During the Great Depression, capitalist countries thought the economy would _________but it ____________ regulate itself and self correct didn't
When the Bolsheviks won, the ____________was established Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)
Was the imperial Russians a match for Germany's industrialization? no, imperial Russia was no match
What programs were created in the US to aid the poor and unemployed? Relief and welfare programs
When people lost their jobs,________soared unemployment
Tsar Nicholas II used ____________against his enemies secret police
Why did the demand for American products reduce in other countries? Europeans started producing their own goods.
Wilson called for a reduction in arms, removal of______________, and an ed to secret diplomacy trade barriers
The US refused to ratify what treaty? Treaty of Versailles
What was the name of the pledge that stopped Germans from sinking merchant ships without warning? Sussex pledge
Pres. Wilson's 14 points outlined what? world peace
As a term of the Treaty of Versailles, what did Germany have to pay? reparations/ payments of damages
What did the Treaty of Versailles allow the Nazi to do after WWI It allowed the Nazi to use the terms of the treaty as justification to take over politically and economically
Germany continued to sink ships until American threatened to __________with Germany end relations
Was the US congress OK with the Treaty of Versailles? No, it was not ok or in favor of it
Who attended the Paris Peace Conference? French, British, Italians, and USA
What did Germany lose in the Treaty of Versailles? Land, overseas colonies, military size, and money (reparations)
Pres. Wilson__________across America and with Europeans leaders to gain support for his league of Nations plan campaigned
British passenger ship, Lusitania, was sunk by ________. it carried 1200 passengers of which _______were Americans German U-boat 128 Americans
Why did Americans not support the League of Nations? They weren't interested in giving others the power to decide if the US would go to war or not.
Did Germany keep the promise of not sinking neutral ships? No, they broke the promise
When was the Paris Peace Conference? 1919
Why wasn't Russia invited to the peace talks at the Paris Peace Conference Russia had become a communist nation
With what countries did the US have close ties with in WWI Britain and France
Who did not support the League of Nations plan American citizens and congress
How did Germany react when they were blocked by the British? Germany retaliated by sinking merchant ships
What was the purpose of the Sussex pledge? Germany would not to sink merchant ships without warning or helping passengers on board
Which Country did the Lusitania belong to? England
What did Germany agree to on Nov.11, 1918 Armistice
Germans would start suing unrestricted ______________to sink any ships found sub-marine warfare
Did the US join the League of Nations NO!
Where did Wilson give his fourteen point speech To the US congress and at the treaty of Versailles
On who was the terms of the Treaty of Versailles very harsh on? Germany
What year did Wilson make his 14 points speech to congress 1918
When did Germany agree to an armistice? Nov.11, 1918
What countries were at the Treaty of Versailles? USA, France, Britain, and Italy
How did Germany retaliate to the British blocking them from food and supplies by sinking merchant ships
What was the purpose of the league of Nations? to mediate international disputes to avoid war
In response to the British blockade Germany would start using______ unrestricted sub-marine warfare
Germany declares what type of warfare? unrestricted sub-marine warfare
What did European leaders want for Germany that Wilson did not? harsher punishments
When Germany started using unrestricted sub-marine warfare to sink any ships they found, they violated what? The principle of Freedom of the seas
What was the name of the offer Germany made to Mexico to join them? The Zimmerman note
What did Germany offer Mexico in the Zimmerman note? Land (Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico)
Did nationalism bring a positive or negative relationship among nations? Negative, it led to fighting among nations
What year did Italy go from the Central powers to the Allied powers? 1915
What nation was under the control of stronger nations and didn't like it? Serbia
When WWI began in Europe, what side was the US on? They were neutral
Why did military leaders think it was better to attack first? because it took time to mobilize troop
What are the four major causes of WWI? Nationalism, imperialism, militarism, and alliance system
Who was assassinated in 1914? Archduke Ferdinand and his wife
What region did Austria Hungary control in Europe? The Balkans Region
Which countries were in the Triple Alliance? Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy
Which countries were in the Triple Entente? Great Britain, France, and Russia
Who was Austria-Hungary's ally? Germany
What were the trenches dug along France's Eastern border with Germany called? Western Front
In what year did WWI start in Europe? 1914
When did the US get involved in WWI? 1917
Who was president of the US during WWI Woodrow Wilson
What were the weapons introduced during WWI? Machine guns, poison gas, submarines, and tanks
Which nation did not like being under imperial rule by the Austrian-Hungary nation? Serbia
What is the Alliance system? agreements between nations to aid one another if they were attacked
Who was Serbia's ally? Russia
What empire controlled the Balkans ? The Austria- Hungary Empire
Who killed the Archduke Fernanda ? A man from Serbia
What is nationalism? a strong devotion to the interests an culture of one's own nation, to the exclusion of other nations
Archduke Ferdinand was visiting countries that were ruled with __________ Imperialism
What caused Austria- Hungary to declare war on little Serbia? The assassination of it's leader
Austria- Hungary declared war on what country? Serbia
What is nationalism lead to? led to fighting among nations
Which US president was elected on the campaign promise of "I'll keep us out of war" Woodrow Wilson
What is imperialism? Controlling a weaker nation as a source of raw material and markets
What kind of war did Germany have to fight during WWI? two front
What year did the power keg explode in? 1914
What was Europe's viewpoint on world war I ? They didn't think it was going to last very long
What was the match that lit the fuse? a man from Serbia shot the archduke and his wife
What are the motives for imperialism? Industrialization nationalism, economic competition, social Darwinism, missionaries
What forces enabled imperialism? technology
What happened at the Berlin conference 14 European nations met to divide Africa
What was the political ideology of Mussolini fascism
Fascism is based on the ideas of nationalism and militarism.
The nation is more important than the individual is apart of what political ideology Fascism
The black shirts followed who? Benito Mussolini
The March on Rome in 1922 was a coup d’ etat to get__________in power Benito Mussolini
Benito Mussolini had ___________policies in 1938 Anti- Jewish
Who was the Emperor of Japan? Hirohito
Who was the Prime Minister of Japan? Hideki Tojo
Who needed to import all of their resources they needed to produce goods Japan
Japanese military leaders thought that they needed ______________ seize territory for resources
Hitler joined the Nazi part in 1919
Who wrote Mein Kampf (my struggle) Hitler
Hitler promised to____________ overturn the Treaty of Versailles – retake lost land and rebuild the army
Hitler became Chancellor and Fuhrer (head of government) in 1934
Who created a Creating a totalitarian state with one-party rule Hitler and Mussolini
Who was Identify as “enemies of the state”? Jews, Gypsies, Homosexual, Jehovah witnesses, and political leaders.
Who was apart of the Axis powers Italy, Japan, Germany
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