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Renaissance Thinkers

patron person who supports the arts
Machiavelli Italian statesman. Writes The Prince, a treatise on government. "The ends justify the means"
Leonardo daVinci Italian artist, painter, inventor, and "Renaissance man". "Mona Lisa", "Last Supper"
Michelangelo Italian painter and sculptor. Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, "Pieta","David"
Petrarch Father of Humanism. Italian Poet, Love Sonnets to "Laura"
Gutenberg German printer and blacksmith. Invents the printing press. 1st prints and distributes the Bible.
Erasmus Dutch Northern Renaissance humanist. Wrote the satire "The Praise of Folly"
Sir Thomas More English lawyer, philosopher, and statesman. Wrote "Utopia". Executed by Henry VIII.
Martin Luther German priest and professor. Posts the 95 Theses against the Catholic Church starting the Protestant Reformation and Lutheranism.
Medici Family Bankers, patrons, and civic leaders of Florence.
Shakespeare English poet, actor, and playwright. "Romeo and Juliet", "Hamlet", "Julius Caesar", and "Macbeth"
Humanism Celebrated the individual, stimulated the stud of the classics, and was supported by wealthy patrons
Medieval Art Art and literature that focused on the Church and salvation
Renaissance Art Art and literature that focused on individuals and worldly matters along with Christian themes.
Geoffrey Chaucer Writes the Canterbury Tales making fun of society
Dante Alighieri Writes The Divine Comedy discussing the afterlife
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