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Streams chapters 3-4

Words and people from Streams of Civilization: Chapters 3 and 4

Huaca Prieta A village along the south coast of Peru
Folsom point The place where an advanced spearhead made by the Llano men was found in Texas
Minos The word the Minoans used for their king; similar to the Egyptian’s word pharaoh
Divine right of kings The right to do anything the kings wanted to do because they thought they were representatives of the gods or God
Kohl A black power used to make people’s eyes look bigger
Exodus The flight of Moses and the Israelites from Egypt
Poverty point An ancient civilization found in Louisiana
Llano men Primitive hunters found in what is now called the Great Stakes Plains area of Texas
Dowry The sum of money a woman would bring to her husband at marriage
Hapiru Another name for the Hebrew people
Subsidies Money given by the government to support a company or organization
Danger cave A place in the desert in the Southwest United States where a culture lived
Acropolis An Athenian citadel
Code of Hammurabi A set of some 300 laws controlling every area of life developed by Hammurabi and his advisers
Heretic A person who disagrees with the officially accepted religion of a country
Satellites Newly conquered territories
Clovis point The place where a spearhead was found that was developed so as to make it easier to hunt larger game
Citadels A type of fortress built by the Mycenaeans
Irrigation To supply an area of agriculture with water, especially in order to help crops to grow.
Theocracy A way of governing where the people believed their rulers were guided by their gods in decision-making
Nationalism The desire of political independence: A country wanting to be free of foreign influence and have the ability to rule themselves
Mount Olympus A mountain in northern Greece where it was though that the gods and goddesses lived in splendid palaces
Murex A shellfish that was crushed by the Phoenicians to get a purple dye for cloth
Colony A country or area that is rules by another country
Myths Stories of the lives and actions of the gods and goddesses
Yurt A tentlike home of animal skins that was built on a large wagon bed mounted with large wheels
Homer The greatest of the Greek poets who wrote the story of the Greek War
Great King of the Sun The Hittite title for their king
Primogeniture The practice that the oldest son inherited all of the property in a Greek home
Aristocracy The upper classes of society
Steppes Prairie land
First Horsemen The Scythians
Chavin de Huantar A place in Peru
Oracles Places where the Greeks thought the gods spoke to them through the help of priestesses
Politics A speech involving the discussion concerning government and important business
Compensation Part of the Code of Hammurabi that involved a person being able to make a payment for injuring a person
Ten Commandments The Law of God that He gave to the Hebrews at Mount Sinai
Magna Graecia The southern part of Italy
Mythology The study of myths
Agora The marketplace
Mursilish I The most famous Hittite king who conquered North Syria and parts of the Euphrates valley
Created by: JRae