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WW1(prt 3)

The Eastern Front "A" Germany is overwhelming Russia.
The Eastern Front "B" Italy attacks Austria-Hungary(May 1915)
The Eastern Front "C" Germany, Bulgaria, and Austria- Hungary eliminatic Serbia from war(September 1915)
The Eastern Front "D" Lawrence of Arabia(British Officer) Urges Arab to revolt against the Ottoman Empire
The Eastern Front "E" British forces destroy the Ottoman Empire
Why did America enter the war? Germany used unrestricted submarine warfare sinking the Luisitania 128 killed US citizens. Zimmerman Note were Germany tried to get Mexico to attack America to keep us busy
What was total war? Complete mobilization of people and resources. It increased in government and power and manipulated media to keep a moral high
Who was Tsar Nicolas 2nd? weak trusted; under influence of "healer"
What happened in the Russian Revolution "B"? Peasants were poor, hungry, and many boys were coming home dead from war. Chanted "Peace and bread"
What happened in the Russian Revolution "C"? November 6, 1917 Lenin and Bolsheviks form a coup over Russia
What happened in the Russian Revolution "D"? Lenin signs treaty of Brest-Litovsk with Germany; Russia losses Baltic states, Poland, Finland and Ukraine; Russia out of world war 1
What happened in the Russian Revolution "E"? Civil War, Red Army (Bolsheviks) vs. White Army (anti- communist supported by allies) Red wins and is firmly communist dominated by a single party
What happened after the end of the War? Kiaser Wilhiam 2 stepped down from his rule
How did Austria- Hungary split up? Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, and Czechcslcvacia