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WW1(prt 2)

What was Propaganda? Ideas spread by government to Influence public opinion for or against a cause
What was it like in the Western Front? Trench warfare trench foot. Fight a war over 30 miles of land. France was full of trenches.
What was the Schlieffen Plan? (Germanies plan to win the war)Capture Paris within 6 weeks to avoid a two front war(Russia and France)
What were the major battles? Marne(500,000 died from each side, ends Schlieffen Plan, long stalemated war), Verdun(1 million dead, 1/2 each side), Somme(Germany- 500,000, French 200,00, British 400,000 dead)
What new weapons were developed over WW1? Machine guns made them go underground, tanks(transportation), Planes(recon), gas used to explode lungs, and Subs/ U- boats
Who was the Paris Peace Conference made out of? Woodrow Wilson(U.S), George Clemenceau(France), David Llyod George(G.B), and Vittorio Orlando(Italy)
What did the Treaty of Versallies ask Germany to do? Reduce army to 100,000, lose there overseas colonies, lost land(creation of Poland), Pay all war reparations, admit war guilt