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Names VII

26. Zechariah the Grandson of Iddo Prophet contemporary of Haggai. His preaching eventually stirred the Jews to complete the rebuilding of the Temple in 516 BC.
27. Ezra Priest, leader and scribe of the Jewish nation who returned to Jerusalem under Zerubbabel.
28. King Artaxerxes (Books of Ezra & Nehemiah) is King Xerxes (Book of Esther) The powerful king who married Esther and granted Nehemiah’s request to return to Jerusalem and help rebuild the wall.
29. Nehemiah Sustained the office of cupbearer to King Artaxerxes. Though the Temple was rebuilt in 516 BC, the walls remained in disrepair until he came and led the rebuilding of the walls in just 52 days.
30. Sanballet The Horonite strongly opposed Nehemiah when he was rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. Tobiah and Geshem joined him in this opposition.
31. Eliashib The high priest in Jerusalem put in charge of the storerooms of the house of God. Going against God, he provided Tobiah the Ammonite a room in the Temple for him to stay in. When Nehemiah found this out he threw him out and all of his belongings.
32. Queen Vashti The Jewish tradition holds that Xerxes had asked her to come before his banquet “only” wearing her crown. She was deposed as queen and Esther replaced her.
33. Esther (Hadassah) Her cousin Mordecai raised her and when Cyrus gave permission for the exiles to return to Jerusalem she stayed with Mordecai. She saved the Jewish people by having the courage to tell the King she was a Jew and plead to the King to save her people.
34. Mordecai He was the cousin of Esther. Haman set out to have all the Jews annihilated so he informs Esther. The Jews were saved and Haman was executed. He became “second in rank to King Xerxes.” (Esther 10:3)
35. Hegai Eunuch who was in charge of King Xerxes’ harem before each girl was taken to the King.
36. Bigthana and Teresh Two of the King’s officers that guarded the doorway. They plotted to kill King Xerxes but Mordecai found out and told Esther, who in turn told the King.
37. Job However, when his friends – Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar – were unable to comfort him, then Job cursed God. (Job 3:1) Afterwards, “The Lord blessed the latter part of Job’s life more than the former part…” (Job 42:12)
38. Satan After roaming the earth, Satan presents himself before God and accuses Job of serving Him simply for the blessings. God granted him the authority to bring troubles on Job.
39. Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar Job’s three friends who came to visit him after they heard of his afflictions. God was angry with them for not speaking what is right and falsely accusing Job. Job prays in order that God will not deal with them according to their folly.
40. Elihu Another of Job’s friend who enters the conversation with Job and his three friends. The youngest and only righteous friend of Job.
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