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African Quiz

What is it called when some one traces their family descent through their mothers rather than fathers side? matrillineal
What was the passage called were slaves were transported from Africa to the "New World"? Middle Passage
When African and Muslim culture and language mixed.... Swahili
This kingdom grew wealthy from salt and gold... Ghana
This king journeyed to Mecca in 1324... Mansa Musa
When stories are passed down by mouth from generation to generation they are called what? Oral history
This was the place were slaves would stay at before they boarded the slave ships... Factory
This is a group of people that are descendant, come from, the same ancestor Clan
During the 1440's the European slave trade was started in Africa by the Portugal
During the slave trade, ship captains who were known for overcrowding slaves on their ships were called what? tight packers
Which decks were the slaves packed in to like cargo? tween
West African empires utilized these governments which were ruled over by who? centralized, kings
Igbo is similar to Christianity, Islam, and Judaism in that all four believe in what? One supreme god
The great trading center of Benin supplied what items to the West African kingdoms? Bananas, yams and rice
Who was Sundiata Keita? A great warrior who seized Ghana
What major crop did the Portuguese produce using slaves from Africa? Sugarcane
How did the West African Empires gain their wealth? Answers must be in complete sentences.Be sure to tell how it helped to gain their wealth Answers I will accept- taxed trade in the kingdom, controlled the salt and gold trade. controlled the salt and gold mines in the area. Again, make sure to explain.
What were the impacts that Islam had on Africa Answers that I will accept 1. influenced languages 2. influenced culture 3. new advances in learning 4. influenced building designs 5. New religion for African people
Created by: Classicrocker