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Holocaust Vocab 1-4

Holocaust From the Greek word meaning "whole burn" it refers to a specific time during the 20th century when millions of Jews and other "non-desirable" people where systematically annihilated
discrimination Unfair treatment of one person or group because of prejudice about race, ethnic group, age, or religion
Aryan A term for people who had certain qualities such as blue eyes and blond hair who were considered to be superior during Hitler's reign
Genocide Total destruction or murder of an entire group of people
Nazi Short for National Socialist German Workers Party. Started and led by Hitler
Persecution To cause physical and/or emotional suffering of those who differ in background, religion, race, etc. and to deny them basic human rights
Scape Goat A person or group unfairly blamed for something
Systematic Methodical, routine, organized
Revisionists People who want to revise or change history or who claim the Holocaust never happened or was not as bad as it seemed
Crematoriums Ovens or furnaces where concentration camp inmates gassed bodies were destroyed
Swatiska Originally an ancient symbol used by many cultures, it became the symbol of the Nazi party and is now banned in Germany
Ghetto The walled of section of acuity to which Jews were restricted
Anti-Semitism Discrimination or prejudice against people of the Jewish faith
Propaganda Information or publicity that is usually deceptive or distorted and is pout out by an organization or government to spread certain beliefs or causes
Exterminate To kill, put an end to, annihilate or destroy
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