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BTU Pageant

Who does James suggest will be judged more strictly that others? James suggest that teachers will be judges more than others James 3:1
Out of all the books of the bible which one does not contain the name of God? Out of all the books in the bible God's name doesn't appear in Esther
Deborah, the old testament judge sat under what kind of tree? Deborah the old testament judge sat under a palm tree Judges 4:5
when David was a boy, what 2 fierce animals did he kill? when David was a boy he killed a lion and a bear 1 Samuel 17:34
The Egyptians thought Sarai was related to Abraham in which way? The Egyptians thought Sarai was Abraham sister Genesis 12:10 – 13:2
What is the K.I.D.S act? The K.I.D.S ACT is for undocumented youth brought to the U.S as children.
Why was Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi been in the news lately? She has been appearing in the news lately because she was found unresponsive in her bathtub by her husband.
Where was this years Superbowl held, and which team won? The Superbowl game was won by Seattle Seahawks, 28–24, to earn their fourth Super Bowl title. The game was played on February 1, 2015, at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona
What is the name of the movie about civil rights event in Alabama in 1960, what was it about? The name of the movie is called Selma which is chronicle events of Martin Luther King's campaign to secure equal voting rights
What is the name of the long time ESPN director who recently lost his battle to cancer? The name of the longtime director who lost his battle to cancer is Stuart Scott.
what is the relationship of Mary to Elizabeth? The relationship between Mary of Elizabeth is that they are cousins. Luke 1:36
How much was offered to the king to be allowed to exterminate the Jews? The king was offered 10,000 talents of silver Esther 3:9
The book of Hebrews tells us to entertain strangers because they might be _______? In the book of Hebrews it says entertain strangers because we might be entertaining angels without knowing Hebrew 13:2
To whom did Jesus say get thy behind me satin? Jesus says to Peter get behind him. Matthew 16:23
What type of animal did Erin fashion out of gold? Erin fashioned a calf out of gold. Exodus 23
How will you prepare for the interview night of the pageant? I will prepare for the interview by studying and praying.
Whats more important life experiences or education and why? its more important to have your education rather than life experiences because with education you could do many more things
How do you set goals for yourself? I set goals by making sure its something i will be motivated by, i make an action plan, and i stick with it.
How will this pageant help you develop as a person? Joining this pageant will help me with self confidence, improve my personality, and learn the proper attitude on how to face challenges.
Why do you attend Sunday School? It provides a structure for teaching God's word rather than just preaching
What is the name of the new minor league baseball team that will be housed in Biloxi, Ms. The minor league baseball team is named Biloxi Shuckers.
What is the name of the navy seal that was killed and known as the American Snipper? The name of the navy seal that was killed is Chris Kyle.
On a national dept level, what type loans have a higher delinquency rate than credit cards, auto loans, and home mortgages. On a national dept level, the highest delinquency rate is an student loan.
An exhibit dedicated to hurricane Katrina's 10 year anniversary, which museum? The hurricane Katrina exhibit will be located at the Ohr-O-Keefe museum of art.
What is the name of the youngest man from Moss Point recently recognized as youngest black to serve house of representatives? The young man from Moss Point that a honored on the BET Awards is Jeremy Anderson.
What does a women of virtue mean to you? A women of virtue to me is someone who is truthful and has moral excellence.
What bothers you the most about school and why? What bothers me the most is that i feel they aren't preparing us for life, they sometimes just prepare us for the next teacher.
What would you like to change in yourself and why? If I could change something about myself it would be my drive. I don't get as motivated for the things as I should. And I know if I had tha drive I would succeed in all the things I do
Describe yourself in 3 adjectives and why? Three words to describe me would be Passionate because i get dedicated easily, Caring because i feel that no one should bring anyone down, and Goofy because i always smile and laugh and i love having fun.
if you could be famous in what way would you choose? If i could be famous, i would become a famous doctor to cure diseases.
Created by: KristyanG



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