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John Chap. Headings

Gospel According to John Chapter Headings (NIV)

The Word Became Flesh John 1
John the Baptist Denies Being the Christ John 1
Jesus the Lamb of God John 1
Jesus' First Disciples John 1
Jesus Calls Philip and Nathanael John 1
Jesus Changes Water to Wine John 2
Jesus Clears the Temple John 2
Jesus Teaches Nicodemus John 3
John the Baptist's Testimony About Jesus John 3
Jesus Talks With a Samaritan Woman John 4
The Disciples Rejoin Jesus John 4
Many Samaritans Believe John 4
Jesus Heals the Official's Son John 4
The Healing at the Pool John 5
Life Through the Son John 5
Testimonies About Jesus John 5
Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand John 6
Jesus Walks on the Water John 6
Jesus the Bread of Life John 6
Many Disciples Desert Jesus John 6
Jesus Goes to the Feast of Tabernacles John 7
Jesus Teaches at the Feast John 7
Is Jesus the Christ? John 7
Unbelief of the Jewish Leaders John 7-8
The Validity of Jesus' Testimony John 8
The Children of Abraham John 8
The Children of the Devil John 8
The Claims of Jesus About Himself John 8
Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind John 9
The Pharisees Investigate the Healing John 9
Spiritual Blindness John 9
The Shepherd and His Flock John 10
The Unbelief of the Jews John 10
The Death of Lazarus John 11
Jesus Comforts the Sisters John 11
Jesus Raises Lazarus From the Dead John 11
The Plot to Kill Jesus John 11
Jesus Anointed at Bethany John 12
The Triumphal Entry John 12
Jesus Predicts His Death John 12
The Jews Continue in Their Unbelief John 12
Jesus Washes His Disciples' Feet John 13
Jesus Predicts His Betrayal John 13
Jesus Predicts Peter's Denial John 13
Jesus Comforts His Disciples John 14
Jesus the Way to the Father John 14
Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit John 14
The Vine and the Branches John 15
The World Hates the Disciples John 15-16
The Work of the Holy Spirit John 16
The Disciples' Grief Will Turn to Joy John 16
Jesus Prays for Himself John 17
Jesus Prays for His Disciples John 17
Jesus Prays for All Believers John 17
Jesus Arrested John 18
Jesus Taken to Annas John 18
Peter's First Denial John 18
The High Priest Questions Jesus John 18
Peter's Second and Third Denials John 18
Jesus Before Pilate John 18
Jesus Sentenced to be Crucified John 19
The Crucifixion John 19
The Death of Jesus John 19
The Burial of Jesus John 19
The Empty Tomb John 20
Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene John 20
Jesus Appears to His Disciples John 20
Jesus Appears to Thomas John 20
Jesus and the Miraculous Catch of Fish John 21
Jesus Reinstates Peter John 21
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