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APW 1750-1914

Ap World History - Summerville High School

Date Event
1750's start of Industrial Revolution
1756 to 1763 7 years war/French and Indian War
1776 American Revolution/Smith writes Wealth of Nations
1789 French Revolution
1804 Haitian independence
1815 Congress of Vienna
1820s Independence in Latin America
1839 1st opium war in China
1848 European revolutions/Marx & Engles write Communist Manifesto
1853 Commodore Perry opens Japan
1857 Sepoy Mutiny
1861 end of Russian serfdom/Italian unification
1863 Emancipation Proclamation in US
1871 German unification
1885 Berlin Conference
1898 Spanish-American War - US acquires Philippines, Cuba, Guam, & Puerto Rico
1899 Boer War / British in control of South Africa
1905 Russo- Japanese War
1910 to 1920 Mexican Revolution
1911 Chinese Revolution
Created by: amygilstrap7