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World Final Q3 Rev


What new labor system was created by the factory system? Workers did repetitive work for long hours in dangerous conditions
Describe the social changes brought about by the Industrial Revolution. Emergence of industrial middle and working class
What development ended the last major challenge to full mechanization of the the textile industry in England? Improvements to the steam engine
Where did the Industrial Revolution begin? Britain
Who was Simon Bolivar? Venezuelan “Liberator of South America” fought Spanish for independence
What is the cottage industry? A method of production in which tasks are done by individuals in their rural homes
What is puddling? Coke(derived from coal) is used to burn away impurities to produce iron
What is socialism? A system in which society, usually in the form of government, owns and controls the means of production
What is emancipation? The act of setting free
Who were caudillos? A strong leader who ruled by military force with support of landed elite
Who improved the steam engine? James Watt
Who was Benito Juarez? Mexican national hero, President after Santa Anna
Who were Creoles? someone of European descent born in the New World
Who were the Peninsulares? the top of Spanish colonial society
Created by: PLHSWorld