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World Final Q3 Rev


Explain Rousseau’s social contract Society agrees to be governed by its general will and all individuals should be forced to abide by since it represents what is best for the entire community
What was Voltaire’s view of the universe? The universe is a clock-God is a mechanic
What was Montesquieu’s most important contribution? Separation of powers
What form of government did Monarchs who governed by Enlightenment principles use? Enlightened absolutism
What is the difference between the Ptolemaic solar system and the Copernican system? Ptolemy= Earth centered universe Copernicus=Sun centered universe
Which religion dominated Western Europe and clashed with Enlightenment ideas? Catholicism
What did Maria Winkleman discover? A comet
What is rationalism? Reason is the chief source of knowledge
What is inductive reasoning? Starting with the specific and moving to the very general
What was Francis Bacon’s scientific method? A systematic procedure for collecting and analyzing evidence in order to better understand the physical world
What is laissez-faire? The state should not impose government regulations on economy
Created by: PLHSWorld