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World Final Q3 Rev


Why did a rigid social structure develop in Tokugawa Japan? Confucian values influenced government
Why did women bind their feet in China? What was the role of foot binding in Chinese society at this time? To be considered more attractive as a bride. Footbinding began with the wealthy but then spread to all classes
What was the system of dozens or even hundreds of related families called? clans
What are the accomplishments of the Ming dynasty? Establishing an effective government, Great Wall and Grand Canal
Where were Europeans allowed to trade in China? Why? Small island in order to limit contact between the Chinese and foreigners
What group of people were held in high regard in China? The elderly
What is the social structure of Tokugawa society? -list from top to bottom Emperor-Shogun-Daimyo-Samurai-Peasants-Merchants
Why was Japan isolated? Japan prohibited Christian activities after Jesuits destroyed local shrines, then only allowed a small number of Dutch to trade with them
What is Kabuki? Japanese theater/drama
What was the Hermit Kingdom? Korea
Who were the head of noble Japanese families who controlled vast lands? Daimyo
Created by: PLHSWorld