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WW2 Vocab

Axis -The coalition headed by Germany, Italy, and Japan -Opposed the allied powers -Wanted to expand territory -Wanted to destruct Soviet Communism
Pacifism -Fear of another war -All disputes should be settled by peaceful means -No more war movement as a reaction to the 1st war
Appeasement -Nevil Chamberlain attempted to meet German grievances to try and avoid war -Hitler took advantage of this policy -Hitler violated the Treaty Of Versailles -Munic Agreement
Eugenics -Controlling the Gene pool -Wiping away all humans who are "unfit" for Hitler's "Master Race" -Aryan/Nazi Ideology -"Fittest" -Hitler picked up these ideas in prison
Third Reich -Nazi Regime, rise to power -Third great rule of Europe -Germany transformed into a Fascist, Totalitarian state -Anti-semitism was a central feature -Nazi Concentration and extermination camps -Jews were persecuted
Fuhrer -"Leader" -Title used by Hitler to define his role of absolute authority in Germanys Third Reich -modeled by Benito Mussolini's "Il Duce"
Scapegoating -Hitler used the Jews as scapegoats -The Jews were herded in Ghettos -Hitler blamed the Jews for everything that went wrong in Germany
Demagogue -The greatest talent of Hitler -Whipping up a crowd into a frenzy -emotional exploitation of distress -Propanganda
"Seig heil" -"Heil Victory" -Nazi salute that signaled obedience to Hitler -A chant and greeting used to glorify the German nation
"il Duce" -means "The Chief" in Italian -name given to Benito Mussolini from himself -Key figure of fascism
"Goose Stepping" -Aggressive military march design used by Hitler -Stiff legged march, showed discipline and ferocity -Helped display Nazis as a disciplined race of supermen -remains closely associated with Totalitarian dictatorships
Blitzkrieg -German term for "lighning war" -designed to create disorganization through enemy forces -done for economic purposes
Aryan -Hitlers "Master Race" -Pale skin, blond hair, blue eyes -Racial purity, pure German race -Mythological, there was never a true Aryan race.
Gestapo -"Secret state police" -The official secret police of Nazi Germany -Under administration of Heinrich Himmler
Schutzstaffel(ss) -Major paramilitary in the Thrid Reich -Nazi Ideology based -many crimes against humanity
Nuremberg Laws -New racial discrimination laws against the Jews -Deprived Jews of most rights
"Mein Kampf" -"My struggle" -Autographical manifesto by Hitler -Oulines his political ideology and future plans for Germany -4 main steps: 1.Take East and kill them 2.Take all of Europe 3.Take Soviet Union 4.Take United States
Kristallnacht -Nazi attack on Jews -Night of broken glass -This was seen as the beginning of the Holocaust -Jewish homes and businesses were ransacked
Lebenstraum -"Living Space" for the German race -The desire for Nazis to expand into other countries -Invaded Russia
"Island Hopping" -The strategy employed by the U.S. to gain military bases -U.S targeted Islands that were not strongly defended by the Japanese -They slowly moved closer to japan as they took over these Islands
Created by: crosbee