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PCT Exam Ch.3

Infection Control

Infection control is _____ preventing the spread of infection
_____ is not an aspect of infection control precautions in connection with preforming finger stick blood glucose monitoring Needle reuse
Who is responsible for setting infection control policies and procedures? Nurses
PCTs are responsible for making sure that pts do not acquire infections during procedures ______ that they preform
Used needles should be placed in a ____ sharps container
when contact with bodily fluids is possible, the PCT should wear_____ a gown, gloves, mask
Many institutions treat bed linens as _____ contaminated
Workers who come in contact with TB pts should wear ______ a highly particulate air filtration mask
Methicillian-resistant Staphylococcus aureus is _____ very easily transmitted
The isolation category which protects against contact with infected feces is termed_____ enteric
Contact with AIDS pts requires ______ gowns,gloves, and masks
Keeping the door closed and wearing a mask is necessary for what category of isolation? Respiratory
____________ are likely sites for entry of infectious germs Wounds, tracheotomies, gastrostomy tubes
After preforming veinpuncture PPE _____ Should not be worn outside the pts room
_______ is not a part of veinpuncture technique Cross-contamination of supplies
Inactive bacteria with hard shells are called_____ spores
_____ is not a way a disease may be transmitted Genetics
Any microbe that causes a disease is ____ a pathogen
An infection acquired in the hospital the hospital is_____ nosocomal
____ require some sort of host to survive Parasites
The absence of disease-causing microorganisms is called_____ asepsis
Protozoa, bacteria, fungi, and viruses are all types of ____ microorganisms
Articles must look dirty in order to have microbes living in them. True or False? False
______ are not a line of defense against infection Open wounds
_______ are not likely to acquire infection Athletes
______ is not a likely site for the growth of a microorganism Dry, intact skin
Invasive techniques such as, IVs, Foley catheters, and ventilators, ___________ break the normal bodily barriers to infection
Who is known as the pioneer of medical asepsis? Florence Nightingale
Diseases are rarely carried to inpatients by_____ other hospital inpatients
Keeping germ free conditions is know as _____ asepsis
______ is not a grooming aspect of infection control Fashionable uniforms
_____ is not an aspect of medical hand washing technique using the pt's soap
_____ is not considered contaminated The inside of sterile gloves
It is _____ to remove all microorganisms on hands by washing them. impossible
Removing germs by physical or chemical means is _____ disinfecting
Destroying all pathogenic and non-pathogenic microorganisms including spores is known as _____ sterilization
Plastic pans, thermometer probe covers, hypodermic needles and Foley catheters are all ______ disposable
_____ is not a method of infection transmission Universal
Do not shake linen in a pts room because of ________ air borne pathogens
If you are not sure whether an item is contaminated or not, ______ replace it with a sterile one
Before opening a sterile package be certain that the _____ is intact seal
Sterile liquids are used in ____ cleaning surgical wounds
Pick up a sterile glove by the _____ cuff
Check with ____ before preforming of a dressing change an RN
_______ is not an aspect of changing a sterile dressing Removing gown and mask
It is the _____ responsibility to assess pt's wound. nurse's
_____ would indicate the immediate report to the RN Bleeding
Wet to dry dressings are used to/for _____ remove old, dead tissue
IV bags may be moist from ____ environmental reasons and/or condensation
Medical asepsis is _____ responsibility everyone's
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