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WWII Terms

Francisco Franco Led group of generals in uprising against the Spanish government, wanted fascist state
Rome- Berlin Axis Italy's and Germany's cooperation in Spain during weapons testing.
Anschluss Agreement between Austria and Germany to become one country
Pro- Nazi Chancellor Wanted to help maintain peace.
Appeasement Appealing something to help preserve peace.
Pacifism Refusal to fight in war.
Neutrality laws Prevented the U.S. from selling or shipping guns to a nation in war.
Poland Invaded by Nazi Germany to officially start WWII
Adolf Hitler Dictator of Germany and lead person for the army
Tojo, Konoe The two prime ministers for Japan during WWII
Benito Mussolini Leader of the fascist party and leader of Italy .
Winston Churchill Prime Minister of Great Britain.
Neville Chamberlain Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
Franklin D. Roosevelt President of the United States for much of the war until Truman took over and ordered the atomic bombs be dropped.
Allied powers United States, France, Great Britain, The Soviet Union, and 43 other countries.
Axis Powers Japan, Germany, Italy
Winter War Hitler invades Finland but only takes part of it.
Battle of Britain Hitler try to destroy British moral but instead he strengthened it.
Pearl Harbour Japanese bomb Pearl Harbour, begins American involvement in WWII
Coral Sea First aircraft carrier battles, first real victory for America in the war
Operation Overlord (D-Day) One of the last great offensive moves of the war for the Allies, took five beachheads and finally had a line in Nazi Germany.
Battle of the Bulge Last ditch effort for the Germans in the war.
Hiroshima and Okinawa Two cities hit by the nuke bombs known as "Little Boy" and "Fat Man"
People homeless Caused by air raids and the dissolvement of concentration camps.
European Home Front Many cities destroyed, Total War made buyable food limited, and the women were the workforce
United States Home Front Regular factories were changed to be able to make war goods like planes and trucks, ratioing because of Total War, Women joined work force, Interment camps for Japanese citizens.
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