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PCT Exam Ch.1

Ethical and Legal Issues

Medical Ethics and medical etiquette are ______. Same
Situation where a pt. has consented to a surgery by one Dr. but w/o the pt's approval or knowledge, another Dr. preforms the surgery. "Ghost Surgery'
A ________ is a practical rule guiding behavior or technique. precept
Info. that is in the ______ belongs to the community at large and may be appropriated by anyone. public domain
_____ ethics, concerns issues of right and wrong, human character and behavior. Moral
The most commonly known code of ethics for the medical profession, written about 400 BC is the _____ . Hippocratic Oath
The first American Medical Association (AMA) Code of ethics was written in _____. 1847
The latest revision of the AMA code of ethics took place in _____. 1980
The principles in the AMA code of ethics are not law but ____. Standards
Violations of the tenets of an association or society may result in _____. Censure, Expulsion, and Suspension
A Dr. is not prohibited from preforming a lawful abortion according to a good medical practice. True or False? True
Law requires that a Dr. report _______. Child abuse
In cases where a Dr. must make moral decisions, such as who shall receive an organ donated transplant, highest priority is given to the pts who will _____. derive the most long-term benefit
Artificial insemination situations _______. written permission of the mother and the mother's husband is secured.
A Dr. does not participate in _____. Capital punishment
When human subjects are used to test new drugs, what takes place? Voluntary written consent
A dilemma that may face a Dr. would include _____. Cost of treatment vs. advantage of treatment
Genetic counseling and organ transplant decisions require the consideration of _____ . Quality of life for the pt.
In a case involving a transplant of a single, vital organ, the death of the donor must be determined by ______. A Dr. other than the recipients Dr.
In cases where the future is determined for a deformed child or elderly person of advanced age, the Dr.'s primary concern is______. What is best for the pt.
A possible problem that may arise in cases of surrogate mothers is _____. Mother may not want to give the child up, may decide to have an abortion, child may have issues and neither woman wants it.
A ______ is a document that states the wishes of a person in the event of terminal illness. Living will.
a Dr. is committed to ____ life and relieving suffering. Saving
A Dr. cannot aid and ____ a person practicing medicine without a license. abet
If a PCT suspects that there is something wrong with a Dr.'s orders he or she must ______. report suspicion to the Dr.
A sports physician's judgment is governed only by ____. Medical considerations
Advertising by Dr.s may not be______. deceptive
PCT's are authorized to release news to the public. True or False? False
If a Dr. accepts payment for the referral of a pt to another Dr. this is______. fee splitting
After one insurance form is submitted, the physician may charge for ______ . Multiple or complex forms
It is ____ for Dr.s to charge interest in situations of late payments. appropriate
A Dr.'s notes concerning a pt are considered his or her ______. personal property
A Dr. who _____ a narcotic drug to a pt is required to keep a record dispenses
Dr.s are legally _____ for the acts of their employees. responsible
The willful use of force against another person is called______. battery
The difference between slander and libel is that libel refers to defamatory words that are______. printed
The person who brings the action to a lawsuit is the ______. plantiff
Statue of limitations refers to the length of ______ during which a matter may be brought to legal attention. time
______ is not a category of professional liability claim. Malpractice
A Dr. ______ be held responsible for an unsuccessful result in a medical case. cannot
____ is not a kind of damage recognized by law. Capital
When a medical pracrice is sold, each pt ______. is notified
A Dr. may charge a pt for a missed appointment if _____. the pt was fully advised in advance of the policy
A Dr. may own and operate a pharmacy if______. such ownership does not result in exploitation of pts
A Dr. ____ have a financial interest in a health care facility. may
A pt can sign an informed consent only if he/she can ___. make an intelligent choice
_____ discuss a pt's care with another pt. never
____ laws allow Dr.s and PCTs to render aid at the scene of an accident without fear of lawsuits. Good Samaritan
When a medical practice is sold, the record of each pt _______. may be sent another Dr. at the request of the pt
If a Dr. is involved in _____ activity, the medical society is obligated to report it. Criminal
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