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WW2 Review

World History Review Game

What country did Hitler invade that caused Britain and France to declare war on Germany? Poland
Describe blitzkrieg "Lighting war", typed of fast-moving warfare used by German forces against Poland n 1939
What did the Japanese do on December 7, 1941? Bombed Pearl Harbor
What battle was the turning point of the war in the Pacific? Midway
What was the Nazi Final Solution and who administered it? 'The Final Solution for the Jewish Question' was the cover name for Hitler's plan to destroy all the Jews in Europe, It began in December 1941 and was administered by Reinhard Heydrich
Describe the policy of appeasement. A policy of making concessions to an aggressor in the hopes of avoiding war. Associated with Neville Chamberlain's policy of making concessions to Adolf Hitler.
At what place did the British evacuate 338,000 Allied troops? Dunkirk
What were the special strike forces called that were in charge of rounding up and killing Jews? Einsatzgruppen
What was the period of political tension called the followed WW2? Cold War
Define the Holocaust. A methodical plan orchestrated by Hitler to ensure German supremacy. It called for the elimination of Jews, non-conformists, homosexuals, non-Aryans, and mentally and physically disabled.
What happened during the Nuremburg trials. Series of trials in 1945 conducted by an International Military Tribunal in which former Nazi leaders were charged with crimes against peace, crimes against humanity, and war crimes
Define self determination. How did Roosevelt use this idea? The right of people to choose their own form of government. Roosevelt wanted the European states to use self determination to choose which government would rule them.
Explain Executive Order 9066. 112,000 Japanese-Americans forced into camps causing loss of homes & businesses, 600K more renounced citizenship; demonstrated fear of Japanese invasion
Why was the London Blitz known as "London's finest hour?" The morale of Londoners remained strong despite heavy destruction.
Describe the Nazi-Soviet Nonaggression Pact. Agreement between Germany and the Soviet Union not to fight one another, which allowed Hitler to concentrate on a one front war once the war started.
How did Hitler decide to handle Britain after Britain inflicted major losses on the German Luftwaffe bombers? He postponed the invasion of Britain indefinitely and turned his attention to the Soviet Union.
Describe the Bataan Death March. Japanese forced about 60,000 of americans and philippines to march 100 miles with little food and water, most died or were killed on the way.
What city and country did the Allies land during D-Day? Normandy, France
Define genocide. Deliberate extermination of a racial or cultural group
Describe Hitler's view of the Aryan race. Hitler believed Germans belonged to the Aryan race, which was superior to all other races and nationalities.
Japanese pilots who flew suicide missions against U.S. warships. kamikaze
History’s greatest naval invasion. D-Day
The United States defeated Japan in a battle here to turn the tide of World War II in Asia. Midway Island
Soviet Union’s communist leader Joseph Stalin
Germany, Italy, and Japan's alliance was called ___. Axis Powers
Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini
German air force was called this Luftwaffe
The first atomic weapon was dropped on this Japanese city. Hiroshima
ESSAY QUESTION: Contrast the fate of German youth with the Jewish youth in the countries that they occupied. German youth were expected to serve Germany in the military, often they served on the front lines at ages as young as 14 years old. Jewish children were judged to live or die based on how old or strong they looked.
ESSAY QUESTION: Explain the impact of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Japanese leaders had hoped that their lightning strikes at Pearl Harbor would destroy the U.S. Pacific fleet. The Roosevelt administration, they thought, would now accept Japanese domination of the Pacific.
Created by: jkrich2008