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Social U3

plateau large raised area of mostly level land
Only __% of land in Mexico can produce crops 10%
Most of northern Mexico is desert
Most of the major mountain ranges in Mexico are in the central plateau of Mexico
Most of the dense forests and tropical climate is in southern Mexico
Pre-Columbian the time in the Americas before Columbus arrived
Saline Salty
Ecological zone An area with specific traits of climate, soil altitude, and other things that determine its particular plants and animals
Most of the original societies are in the central basin. the valley of mexico
Codex An ancient manuscript in book form
Destiny All that is supposedly predetermined to happen
The Aztec referred to themselves as the Mexica
The Culhua-mexica, Mexica, and Tenocha left the Desert-like country of northern Mexico and migrated southward over many years.
During the migrations of the Aztec, the Aztec followed the orders of the patron god, Huitzilopochli
Incarnation A deity taking on a physical form
Sometime during the __th and __th century, the Aztec came to the Valley of Mexico, led by their chieftain, Tenoch. 12th, 13th
The Aztec settled on a swampy island in the middle of Lake Texcoco because They found an eagle perched on a nopal cactus, holding a rattlesnake, which was a sign that had been foretold to their leader, Tenoch, that this would be a sign that they had reached their land of destiny.
The city the Aztec built in the middle of lake Texcoco was called Tenochtitlan
The Romans arrived at the Iberian Penninsula in the _th century, and maintained their power until the _th century 2nd, 5th
The Romans left behind the legacy of a _____ belief system Chiristian
The Southern region of the Iberian Peninsula is know at Al-Andalus
Muslim ruled Spain for more that ___ years 700
Conquistador One who conquers
The movement to retake the Iberian Peninsula from the Muslim was know as The Reconquista
The Reconquista was first led by the _____ __ _____, and captured the Muslim city of Toledo in 1085 Kingdom of Castile
During the 1100's, the rulers of _____ and _____ united their armies to fight the Muslims, and captured the cities of Cordoba and Cadiz Aragon, Catalonia
Granada was captured by the conquistadors of King _____ V and Queen _____ I in 1492. Ferdinand, Isabella
The wars between the Moors and the Kingdoms of Spain lasted for over ___ years 700
Throughout most of EU, a citizen was only considered a loyal subject if they practiced the same religious beliefs as the ruler in power
After the Reconquista, the _____ _____ faith was considered the only true faith in Spain Roman Catholic
Queen Isabella believed that the country could only be united if everyone practiced that same religion
The Spanish Inquisition officially ended in 1834
In ____, Christopher Columbus sailed west across the Atlantic, reaching the land of the Caribbean and claiming it for Spain. 1492
The Aztec society developed a culture based around war
What were the Aztec's goals of battle To give the enemy an honourable defeat, make them pay tribute, provide labour to the empire, and to gain soldiers for the human sacrifice to the god Huitzilopochtli
What were citizens of a conquered city-state required to do for the Aztec They had to promise allegiance to the emperor, pay tribute to him in either goods or services, and worship the god Huitzilopochtli
What were the Aztec nobility called Pipiltin
A society's way of life is determined by three things: social systems, economic and political systems, and culture
who were the upper class the pipiltin, they were made up of nobles, high ranking warriors, and high ranking priests
who were the lower class Macehualtin and mayeques, who provided labour to keep the economy of the empire flourishing and made up most of the military
Education was free to boys and girls
Boys from all classes could study to become priests, but only the top-ranking positions in priesthood were reserved for the ______ Pipiltin
Young women could enter priesthood, but they were given specific roles to do with honouring the godesses
Women's roles in the Aztec society were to care for the household and family, though some did become fine artisans.
Woman married around their Mid teens
men's roles in the Aztec society were physical work and to join the army when soldiers were needed
Schools taught religious rituals, singing, dancing, music, songs, poems, and dances
Disdain To treat with contempt
When was the feudal system officially abolished in Spain 1486
Nobles made up the ____ percentage of population in Spain Smallest
Nobles owned the ____ percentage of land in Spain Largest
Spanish nobles highly disdained ____ labour and ____, and judged people's worth on their social position Manual, Commerce
The highest class of nobility was known as the Spanish Grande
Lesser nobles were known as the Don
Minor nobles were known as Hidalgo
Commoners made up what percentage of the population in Spain 90%
Parish a district that has its own Christian church and minister or priest
Priests were typically better _____ and came from wealthier families educated
Religious orders operated many basic _____ for children schools
Spanish scholars focused on _____ studies rather than humanist pursuits Religious
The Roman Catholic Church offered schooling at the _____ level for most children Elementary
The oldest university in Spain was the Salamanca, founded in 1212
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