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Monday, April 26, 1937, marked the date of ______________ bombs killing more than 1600 people in the small town of Guernica.
The King forced to ________________________________ in the Spanish Civil War. step down and republican government was created
Republican government run by ___________________ liberals and socialists
Catholic Church lost ___________________________ and much of church property was ________. status of being country's official religion, confiscated
In the Spanish Civil War, the government reduced the size of ______ army
_______ union staged strikes Socialist
_____________________ set fire to Catholic convents Anticlerical forces
Clergy denounced policies of _______ government
Conservative gov’t set up __(Date)______ 1933
Conservative government was made of _____, ________, and ______ Made up of liberals, socialists, and communists
What moved against army? Conservative government
What happened July 1936? group of generals led by Francisco Franco staged an uprising against gov’t
Francisco Franco's staged uprisings made generals want what? Generals wanted restored power to the churches
Franco's uprisings destroyed ______ and _______ in Spain socialism and Communism
Franco's followers nationalists
Franco's followers were called _______ or _______ by government Republicans or Loyalists
Rome-Berlin Axis was ________________________ Cooperation between Italy and Germany in Spain led to military alliance
When did the Spanish Civil War end? With a victory for ________. 1939 , the Nationalists
German troops went into __________ Rhineland (DMZ)
When German troops went into the Rhineland it was a violation of _______________. Versailles Treaty
French Opposed Action of _______ German troops into Rhineland
The French would not act out unless _________ supported by GB
Hitler took _______ Anschluss
Anschluss was ________ union between Germany and Austria
Appeasment decision to keep peace
5 factors contributing to the Policy of Appeasement. 1) to many ppl in Britain 2) Rhineland & Austria didn't seem important enough to risk a war 3)thought strong Germany would be check on Soviet power 4)Britain's felt Versailles Treaty to harsh on Germans 5) French not prepared to stand up to Hitler
United States followed _________ Policy called Isolationism
Where is the Rhineland northeast of France, west of Germany, and east of Belgium, also controlled by Germany
Where is Sudetenland east of Germany and western territory in Czechoslovakia
Where is Munich southeastern tip of Germany
Where is Danzig north of Poland, northeast of Germany, and west of Lithuania
Francisco France dictator of Spain, leader of fascism
Rome-Berlin Axis alliance Italy and Germany in Spain
Neville Chamberlain British Prime Minister, pushes for appeasement policy
Nonaggression Pact made by Hitler and Stalin saying they wouldn't attack each other and that they would share Poland
Pacifism refusal to fight in war
How did Britain react to Hitler's occupation of the Rhineland? British thought the Germans had the right to occupy the Rhineland since it was German territory
How did France react to Hitler's occupation of the Rhineland? Wanted to take an aggressive stance, but wouldn't unless Britain backed them up
"Phony War" little things happening after Germany takes over Poland and war is declared
Outcome of the Battle of Britain? strengthened British morlae
Battle of Britain attack by Germany of bombs on Britain, purpose was to plan to weaken Britain so that they could invade , evacuate to Dunkirk, Operation Sealion- Battle of Britain
If you were not fighting another battle, you _______________ find another game plan and restock
Pacific consisted of ______, and ______ Japan and USA
________ was first for aircraft carriers engagement Coral Sea
________ was first major victory of USA Coral Sea
__________ was code breaking for USA gives benefit Midway
________ was when the US destroyed many Japanese ships Midway
_____________ is why Iwo Jima is important landing base
_____ had the largest number of casualties in pacific Okinawa
Shortly after ________ there was a bombing of Japan Okinawa
Why is North Africa important? oil
Amphibious landings trying to land troops from water to land. Want to practice to get reinforcements more quickly, and preparing getting from GB to Germany
Desert Fox was _____ Erwin Rommel
Rommel was a ________ in North Africa major player
Erwin Rommel was from _______ Germany
Stalingrad was the ______ ________ in war turning point
In Stalingrad, Germany ____, and never recovered in Eastern _____ again. lost, Europe
D-day (invasion of Normandy). They took France back _______ the ________ back. pushing the Germans back
________ of the _________ was the last major push by Germans Battle of the Bulge
Why do many people have no homes? bombings, concentration camps, fleeing Soviets
Roads were packed with ____ million people 40
________ __________ led to starvation after war war destruction
How much land was suitable to grow crops? little land
European Countries: _______ were bombed, with civilians _____ ______ _______ cities, losing their lives
Total war every resource has to be devoted to war
People stopped producing _____ goods, and only __________ consumer, produced goods for war
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