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Religion 11 and 12 8

8th grade religion ch 11 and 12

who are the people that God raised up to Preserve the Church? Saints
When did the age of Martyrdum end? 313 (4th Century) the Elect of Mudun- when Roman emperor Constantine allowed Christians to practice their religion freely.
Who is the greatest missionary of the early days Paul
who Knowingly denies the doctrine of the church Heretics
Which Emperor martyr Paul and Peter Nero
Which 3 saints are martyrs one is not- Lucy, Cecilia, Linus, Augustine Lucy, Cecilia Linus are- Augustine is not
Which groups did not threaten the church-vardles, Franks, Muslims, huns Muslims
Ora et Labora mean Pray and work
This person was Irish that preached to the Franks St. Columban
Who preached to the Germanic tribes (German) St. Boniface
Who was the father of the Western Monasticism? St. Benedict
What is the name of the split? schism
What is the name of the only crusade that successfully capture Jerusalem ? Prince Crusade
what crusade is the king crusades 3rd
What crusade was a disappointment 4th crusade
which saint lead two crusades St. Louis (King of France)
What motivation did the crusaders have protecting the pilgrams, poverty
When was the church challenged by a non pope The Great Western Schism
What saints gave up a lot of his things to the mendicant order St. Francis of Assisi
who started a Order of Preachers. Preach of God St. Dominic
Who convinst Gregory XI to go back to Rome St. Catherine of Siena
What order did Thomas Aquinas belong to? Dominican
Who started the Protestant Reformation Martin Luther
What period was after the Council of Trent Counter-Reformation
Who founded the Jesuit Order St. Ignatious of Loyola
what does the Jesuit motto mean "Ad Majorem Del Gloriam "To the Greater Glory of God"
During the Reformation, this saint was one of the greatest missionaries St. Francis Xavier
What is the greatest threat facing the church Modernism
Created by: Flynnfamily
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