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Glorifying God

Title and Points Glorifying God Five Challenges about Discipling Relationships
OT scriptures that represent God's people 1. Psalm 80:8-11 (transplanting from Egypt) 2. Isaiah 5:7 3. Jeremiah 2:21 4. Ezekiel 15:1-3
Remaining in the vine = Personal relationship with God = Bear much fruit. If this is not happening in your life, then you may not be “in the vine.
When you are not in the vine... you are in danger of falling away
Two misleading camps, because they have partial truth: 1) Fruit of Spirit- Fruits of the Spirit come from the Spirit. It is not something that “WE” produce! 2) Fruit of Evangelism – Baptisms.
Not baptisms because the focus of the scriptures is... love and obedience (v. 9-12)
Jesus is the perfect disciple, because... as the Father loved Him so He loved the Apostles.
Discipling is... teaching your people what God has taught you through the Scriptures, events and through your disciplers!
Jesus defines friendship as... someone who lays down their life. We must be willing to die for Christ, His people and His mission.
Parallel passage to John 15:16-17 "Go and bear fruit that will last- eternity" Matthew 28:19 "Go and make disciples"
Discipling is (2)... the vehicle that allows fruit to last.
People fall away. because... they are not fully committed to God's plan of discipling.
order to make someone into a disciple through the First Principles Study Series... you must call them to make a decision after every Scripture!
If we want to see much fruit then we need to focus on... (1) being an awesome disciple, (2) having a teachable heart, and (3) love our discipling times!
Five Challenges about Discipling Relationships I. Premise Of Discipling Relationships 2. Purpose Of Discipling Relationships 3. Pace-setting In Discipling Relationships 4. Position To Challenge Your Discipling Relationships 5. Perseverance
Point 1. Premise of Discipling: People must come to believe that you are out for God’s and their best interest.
A disciple will really grow spiritually when ... they take a “leap of faith” and trust their disciple.
Point 2. Purpose for our lives: (1) to be a fisher of men (2) to make a difference in peoples’ lives.
“Our purpose is to make a difference in this world by changing people individually"- KM
In our discipling relationships, they begin as Parent/Child Relationships and grow to become Adult/Adult Relationships. As Jesus said, “[Now] you are my friends.”
Disciplers can hurt their relationships by... not allowing “their” disciples to grow up.
Point 3. A sign of a maturing disciple is someone who can admire the good things in his discipler and not be critical of their weaknesses and shortcomings
Disciplers are the ______ of “their” disciples because they are the _____. spiritual ceiling. pace-setters.
1 Corinthians 4:15-17 The Corinth Church had many problems and Paul’s solution was to simply call them to imitate him, by imitating Timothy! This also allowed Paul to call “every church everywhere” to the exact same “doctrine and life.”
Sermon Tips: 1. Preach your weaknesses – this wins over people’s hearts. 2. Share history of your congregation. This allows disciples to “see” that God has moved powerfully. Never forget that half of the OT is history and more than half of the NT is history!
Point 4. How does someone transform in discipling? Trust - challenge - growth - trust and acceptance of greater challenges.
How did Jesus give challenges? 1. Encouraging 2. Rebuking and Correcting 3. Godly Visions 4. Disappointment
Luke 10:41 Jesus expresses disappointment to Martha
Luke 22:31 Jesus expressed disappointment to Peter
Point 5. Three words for “love” in the Greek: 1. Eros – romantic; sexual 2. Phileo – friendship; brotherly affection 3. Agape – self-sacrificing; selfless
1 Thessalonians 2:11-12, 19-20 Paul “encouraged, comforted and urged” the Thessalonian disciples like a father. Disciples should be our “hope, joy, crown and glory” before the Lord!
Ultimate goal for every disciple: getting people to Heaven. Hardships and baptism must not get in the way!
The challenge of the lesson is... to Glorify God by “bearing much fruit… fruit that will last!”
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