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Medical Terminology

several weeks of medterms

carcin/o cancerous
cervic/o cervix, neck
-blast immature, embroyonic
-cide causing death
immune/o immune, safe
-lytic reduce, destroy
neo- new
onc/o tumor
phag/o swallow, eat
-plasmn formative material of cells
sarc/o connective tissue, flesh
splen/o spleen
-edema swelling
-pathy disease
-ole small, little
abdomin/o abdomen
-able capable of, able to
acr/o extremities, top
ambul/o walk
-one hormone
or/o oral cavitiy
varic/o varicose veins, swollen or dialated veins
ven/o vein
arter/o artery
arteri/o artery
carp/o wrist bone
vascul/o blood vessel
hemangi/o blood vessel
-ism condition, state of
mega- large
pan- all of, every, entire
para- near
trache/o trachea
atel/o imcomplete
bronch/o bronchial tube
bronchi/o bronchial tube
ecstasis- stretching, enlargement
pneum/o lung
pneumon/o lung
phon/o sound
pharyng/o pharynx
pulm/o lung
pulmon/o lung
laryng/o larynx, voicebox
nas/o nose
sinus/o sinuses
epiglott/o epiglottis
alveol/o alveoli
pleur/o pleura
-al pertaining to
brachy- short
-poesis formation
-ologist specialist
post- after
hypo- decreased
tachy- fast
a-, an- without
-rrhexis rupture
cyt/o cell
-stenosis abnormal narrowing
-emesis vomit
-graphy process of producing a record
myel/o spinal cord, bone marrow
scoli/o curved
nat/i birth
ad- near
ot/o ear
-listhesis slipping
derm/o skin
-gyn female
ankyl/o crooked, bent, stiff
-centesis puncture to remove fluid
-plastic pertaining to formation
-plasty surgical repair
-ectomy surgical removal of
-oscopy visual examination
-us noun ending
poli/o gray
lord/o bent backwards
spondyl/o vertebrae
throa/o chest
heter/o other
pub/o pubis
-y noun ending
ather/o fatty, lipid
-lysis breaking down
ab- away from
ment/o mind, chin
-otomy surgical incision
-brady slow
enter/o small intestine
col/o colon, large intestine
cyan/o blue
anti- against
-ory pertaining to
cox/o hip joint
auto- self
ambi- both
dermat/o skin
chondr/o cartilage
-cyte cell
kyph/o hump
leuk/o white
ceps- head
asthmat/o gasping, choking
plast- growth
metabol/o change
mamm/o breast
cardi/o heart
-osis abnormal condition
pre- before
oste/o bone
hem/o blood
cost/o rib
consci/o aware
-phoria bear, carry
pleb/o vein
mobil/o capable of moving
cephal/o head
electr/o electricity
chrom/o color
thromb/o clot
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