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LM Chapter 16

The integumentary system

Medical nameMedical Term
albino deficient of pigment (melanin)
aprocrine sweat gland exocrine gland in axilla & genital area
basal layer deepest region of epidermis
collagen structural protein in skin & connestice tissue
lipocyte a fat cell
cuticle epidermis at base &side of nail plate
epidermis outermost layer of skin
epithelium layer of skin cell on inner & outer surface of body
hair follicle sac within that hair follicle grows
keratin hard protein, epidermis, hair & nails
lunula half moon at nail base
melanin pigment that gives skin its color
paronychium soft tissue surrounding the nail border
pore tiny opening on the surface of skin
subaceous gland oil-secreting gland in the dermis,associated with hair folicle
stratified arranged in layers
sebum oily substance secreted by subaceous glands
squamus epithelium flat, scale like cells composing epidermis
stratum a layer of cells
stratum corneum outer most layer of epidermis
crust collection of dried serum (scab)
cyst sac or pouch containing fluid
erosion wearing away or loss of epidermis
fissure groove or crack like sore
macule discolored flat lesion (freckles, tattoo or flat mole)
nodule solid elevated lesion (tumor)
papule small elevation of the skin (pimple)
polyp mushroom like growth
Pustule small elevation of the skin containing pus
ulcer open sore on skin or mucous membrane
decubitus ulcer bedsore
wheal smooth slightly elevated edema
alopecia baldness
alopecia areata patches of hair fall out
pruritus itching
Petechia small pinpoint hemmorrage
ecchymosis bluish black mark on skin
purpura merging ecchymoses & petechiaeon on body
urticaria hives
acne papular & pustular eruption of the skin
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