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Names V

41) Nahash King of the Ammonites who held the inhabitants of Jabesh to either gouge out their right eyes or become his subjects. In response, Saul attacked and destroyed the Ammonite forces.
42) Hanun Became King of the Ammonites following the death of his father Nahash. David's messengers, sent as a message of condolence to him, were so grossly insulted that David proclaimed war against him.
43) Uzzah Committed an irreverent act in touching the Ark of God as it was falling off the cart, and so God’s anger burned against him and God struck him dead on the spot.
44) Bathsheba She becomes the mother of Solomon. Her father Eliam was one of the “Mighty Men” and her grandfather was a prophet, Ahithophel.
45) Uriah Husband of Bathsheba and one of David’s 30 “Mighty Men,” who was very committed and loyal to Israel. When King David commits adultery and impregnates Uriah’s wife Bathsheba, David tries to cover it up and ends up having Uriah killed on the battlefield.
46) Nathan The Prophet who rebuked David for his sin with Bathsheba. Also, the name of the third son of David & Bathsheba.
47) Amnon Oldest son of David who raped his half-sister Tamar, and because of this irreverent crime was murdered by her full brother – Absalom.
48) Absalom Motivated by his father David not dealing with Amnon when Amnon raped his sister. Was killed by Joab’s spears when his luxurious hair was caught in a tree.
49) Hushai Friend of David who gave advice to Absalom to not immediately pursue the retreat of David and thus gave David time to regroup and gather his forces.
50) Zeruiah & Abigail Half-sisters of David.
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