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Medical Terminology

Supplemental Study Tool

acr/o extremities
amb/i both sides/double
anter/o front
aut/o self
axill/o armpit, axilla
blephar/o eyelid or eyelash
brachi/o arm
bucc/o cheek
canth/o angle formed where eyelids meet
capit/o head
carp/o wrist
caud/o tail/downward
cephal/o head
cervic/o neck or cervix (neck of uterus)
cheil/o, chil/o lip
chier/o, chir/o hand
cili/o eyelid or eyelash, or small hairlike processes
cor/e, cor/o pupil of eye
crani/o skull
cubit/o elbow
dactyl/o fingers or toes
derm/a, derm/o, dermat/o skin
dors/i, dors/o back or posterior
faci/o face
gingiv/o gums
gloss/o tongue
gnath/o jaws
inguin/o groin
irid/o iris of eye
labi/o lips
lapar/o abdomen, loin, or flank
later/o side
lingu/o tongue
mamm/a, mamm/o breast
mast/o breast
nas/o nose
occipit/o back of head
ocul/o eye
odon/t teeth
omphal/o umbilicus
onych/o nails
optic/o, opt/o seeing, sight
or/o mouth
ot/o ear
papill/o nipple
pelv/o, pelv/i pelvis
phall/o penis
pil/o hair
pod/o foot
rhin/o nose
somat/o body
steth/o chest
stomat/o mouth
tal/o ankle
tars/o foot
thorac/o chest/thorax
trachel/o neck or necklike
trich/o hair or hairlike
ventr/i, ventr/o front of body
abdomin/o abdomen
acanth/o spiny or thorny
acetabul/o acetabulum
acromi/o acromium
aden/o gland
adip/o fat
adren/o adrenal gland
alveoli/o air sac
angi/o vessel
an/o anus
aort/o aorta
arteri/o, arter/o artery
arteriol/o arteriole
aspir/o to breathe in
ather/o plaque, fat
athr/o, articul/o joint
atri/o atrium
audi/o, aur/i hearing
balan/o glans penis
bio- life
bronch/i, bronch/o bronchus
bronchiol/o, bronchiol/i bronchiole
carcin/o cancer
cardi/o heart
cellul/o cell
cerebell/o cerebellum
cerebr/i, crebr/o cerebrum
cholangi/o bile duct
chol/e bile
cholecyst/o gallbladder
choledoch/o common bile dile
chondr/i, chondr/o cartilage
chrom/o, chromat/o color
col/o, colon/o colon
colp/o vagina
cost/o rib
cry/o cold
crypt/o hidden
cutane/o skin
cyan/o blue
cysti, cyst/o bladder or cyst
cyt/o cell
dipl/o double, twice
duoden/o duodenum
encephal/o brain
enter/o intestine
episi/o vulva
erythr/o red
esophag/o esophagus
fibr/o fibers
galact/o milk
gastr/o stomach
glyc/o sugar
gynec/o female
hemat/o, hem/o blood
hepat/o, hepatic/o liver
heter/o other, different
hidr/o sweat
hist/o, histi/o tissue
hom/o, home/o same, alike
hydr/o water, wet
hyster/o uterus
iatr/o treatment
ile/o ileum (intestine)
ili/o ilium (pelvic bone)
intestin/o intestine
jejun/o jejunum
kerat/o cornea of eye, horny tissue
lacrima tears
laryng/o larynx
leuk/o white
lipid/o fat
lith/o stone (in gallbladder or kidney)
lymph/o lymph vessels
melan/o black
men/o menses, menstration
mening/o meninges
metr/a, metr/o uterus
my/o muscle
myel/o bone marrow or spinal cord
myring/o eardrum
nat/o birth
necr/o death
nephr/o kidney
neur/o nerve
oophor/o ovary
orchid/o, orchi/o testis
oss/eo, oss/i, ost/e, ost/eo bone
palat/o roof of mouth
path/o disease
peritne/o peritoneum
pharmac/o drug
pharyng/o pharynx
phleb/o vein
phren/o diaphragm
pleur/o pleura, rib (side)
pneuma/a, pneum/o lungs
pneum/ato, pneum/ono lungs
poli/o gray matter of nervous system
proct/o rectum, anus
pulmon/o lungs
py/o pus
pyel/o pelvis of kidney
rect/o rectum
ren/i, ren/o kidney
sacr/o sacrum
salping/o fallopian tube
sarc/o flesh
scapul/o scapula
sept/o infection
splen/o spleen
spondyl/o vertebra
stern/o sternum
tend/o, ten/o, tendin/o tendon
testicul/o testis
therm/o heat
thorac/o chest
thym/o thymus
thyr/o thyroid gland
thyroid/o thyroid gland
tonsil/o tonsils
trache/o trachea
tympan/o eardrum
ur/e, ur/ea, ur/eo, urin/o, ur/o urine
ureter/o ureter
urethr/o urethra
uter/o uterus
vas/o vas deferens
ven/o, ven/i vein
vesic/o bladder
viscer/o viscera (internal organs)
xanth/o red, redness
xer/o dry
a-, an- lack of, without, not
ante- before, in front of, forward
anti- opposing, against
bi- double, two, twice, both
co-, con-, com- together, with
de- down, from
di- twice, two
extra-, extro- beyond, outside of, outward
hemi-, semi- half, half of
hyper- above, excessive, beyond
hyp-, hypo- below, beneath, deficient
infra- below, beneath
inter- between
intra- within, inside
intro- into, within
macro- large
micro-, micr- tiny, small
post- after, following, behind
pre-, pro- in front of, before, preceding
retro- behind, backward
semi- half
trans- through, across
tri- three
ultra- excessive, beyond
-ac related to, pertaining to
-ic related to, pertaining to
-al related to, pertaining to
-ous related to, pertaining to
-tic related to, pertaining to
-ate subject to, use
-ize subject to, use
-ent person, agent
-er person, agent
-ist subject to, use
-genic produced by
-gram a written record
-graph instrument used to record
-graphy process of recording
-ism condition or theory
-itis inflammation
-ologist one who studies, scientist
-ology study of, process of study
-oma tumor
-pathy disease, disease process
-phobia morbid fear or intolerance
-scope instrument used to visually examine
-scopy process of visual examination
ab- moving away from
ad- drawing toward
anterior- front
posterior- back
bio- life
necro- death
brady- slow
tachy- fast
endo- within, inside
exo- outside
eu- normal, well
dys- difficult, unwell
proximal- near
distal- away from
superior- above
inferior- below
cholic an acid, related to bile
colic severe abdominal pain
ileum a portion of the colon
ilium a part of the pelvic bone
lyse to break
pneumonic pertaining to the lungs
mucus secretion of the mucous membranes
mucous adjective from of mucus (resembling mucus)
pleural pertaining to the lung
sycosis inflammation of hair follicles
radicle a vessel's smallest branch
venous pertaining to a vein
ablation surgical removal
afferent toward the center
efferent away from the center
antidote a remedy to treat poisoning
-megaly enlargement of
-centesis a surgical puncture to withdraw or aspirate fluid
-ectomy surgical removal of
-otomy surgical incision or cutting into
-ostomy surgical creation of an artificial-plasty opening
-plasty surgical repair
ana- up, apart
ap- apo- separated or derived from
brachy- short
cata- lower, down, against
circum- around
contra- against, opposed to
dia- through, apart, across, between
dis- apart from or free from
e-, ec-, ex- from, away from, out of
ect-, exo-, ecto- outside, outer, on
em-, en- in
epi-, ep- upon, over, on
mal- bad
mes-, meso- middle
meta- beyond, changing
mono- one
uni- one
mult-, multi- multiple, many
neo- new, recent
oligo- scanty
pan- all
para- beyond, beside, after
per- through
peri- around
poly- many, excessive
presby- old age
pseudo- false
quadri- four
re- backward, again
sub- under, beneath
super-, supra- above, excessive, superior
sym-, syn- with, together
-algia pain, discomfort
-dynia pain, discomfort
-arche beginning
-cele protrusion (hernia)
-cidal, -cide kill, destroy
-cle small
-cule small
-ule small
-ulus small
-cyte cell
-desis surgical fusion or binding
-ectasis, ectasia stretching, dilatation
-ectomy cutting out, surgical removal
-emesis vomit
-emia pertaining to blood, a blood condition
-esis state of or condition of
-ia state of or condition of
-iasis state of or condition of
-ity state of or condition of
-osis state of or condition of
-sis state of or condition of
-tion state of or condition of
-y state of or condition of
-form looking like, resembling, shaped like
-oid looking like, resembling, shaped like
-genesis a beginning process, origin of
-genic produced by
-lysis destruction, breakdown, separation
-malacia softening
-megaly enlargement
-meter instrument used to measure
-metry process of measuring
-opsy to view
-penia lack of or deficiency
-pexy, -pexis surgical fixation
-phagia, -phagy eating
-plasia formation, development
-plegia paralysis
-pnea breathing
-poiesis, poietic production or manufacture of
-ptosis downward displacement, drooping
-rrhage, -rrhagia excessive flow or discharge
-rrhaphy suturing in place, fixation
-rrhea flow or discharge
-rrhexis rupture or breaking away
-sclerosis hardening
-stasis to stop, stopping
-tripsy crushing
-trophic, -trophy growth or development
-gen agent that causes
-plasm growth or formation
-sarcoma malignant tumor
auricular region around the ears
infraorbital below the eyes
infrascapular on each side of the chest, down to the last rib
interscapular on the back, between the scapluae
kyph/o humpback (posterior curvature of thoracic spine)
lamin/o lamina (part of the vertebral arch)
lord/o curve or swayback (lordosis: anterior curvature in lumbar spine)
lumb/o lower back, lumbar region
myel/o bone marrow
oste/o bone
orth/o straight
scoli/o crooked, bent
spondyl/o vertebra (referring to conditions of the structure)
vertebr/o vertebra (referring to or describing the structure)
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