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Indian Subcontinent

The first urban civilization on the Indian Subcontinent was the Harappan
Indian language and culture was greatly influenced by the aryans
more that 70 percent of Indian's population lives in cities
under whose rule was the taj mahal built mughal
the buddha taught that people can rise above their desire for material goods and reach nivana
one of the biggest challenges facing Bangladesh is flooding
what is the dominant religious of india hinduism
the mughal empire grew rich from trade is goods such as tea and spices
the jarappan civilization was founded around 2300 B.C. in Indus River Valley
The capital of Nepal is Kathmundu
What is the capital of bangladesh dhaka
the ________ was a program in India to encourage farmers to adopt modern farming methods green revolution
Seasonal winds that bring either moist or dry air to the area monsoons
A dry are on the downwind side of a mountain rain shadow
the weight of the atmosphere pressing down on any point of the surface of the earth atmospheric pressure
the precipitation that occurs when moist air rises up the side of a mountain. orographic effect
The use of technology to move and process information information technology
to hire someone outside a company to do work that was once done inside the company outsourcing
the ability of one country to produce a good or provide a service at a lower cost or more effectively than another country comparative advantage
India is the worlds largest________ democracy
unable to read or write illiterate
investment by a person or company based in another country foreign investment
loss of well-educated people such as doctors or engineers to another country brain drain
what country is the island off the east coast of india sri lanka
what country is the island off the west coast of india maldives
what are some disadvantages of urbanization illegal things can happen, fall in agriculture,
increase in the percentage of people who live in cities. People move to cities (in search of jobs) urbanization
what are some advantages of urbanization cities are more efficient, lots of resources, bigger education, economic improvement
dry with little rainfall. hot dry summers and cool dry winters semiarid climate
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