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Unit 7

Renaissance, Revoluton, and Reformation

Humanism Focus on the worldly subjects and the individual rather than religious issues
Secular Having to do with worldly matters instead of religious matters
Merchant A person whose job is to trade
Capitalism An economic system in which the individual chooses what to buy and sell (sellers try to make a profit)
Patron A person who provides financial support for the arts
Indulgence A pardon for sins in exchange for money
Recant To give up one's views or beliefs
Predestination Idea that God already determined who will/will not gain salvation
Vernacular Everyday language of ordinary people
Heliocentric Sun is the center of the universe
Protestant Martin Luther's followers who were unhappy with the Catholic Church
95 Theses List of complaints Martin Luther nailed to the door of the church
Excommunicate Kicked out of the church
Reform change
Counter-Reformation The Catholic Church's attempt to regain respect and followers
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