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Westward Expansion

The 9 countries or whatever they are

Country Country Info.
Thirteen colonies Great Britain once owned the thirteen colonies. The U.S. got this land through the American Revolution. The treaty of paris 1783 ended the war.
Great Lakes and Ohio River Valley France once owned the Great lakes and Ohio River Valley. The U.S. got this land by buying it from the Indians. The treaty of Greenville 1795. French and Indian war the american colonists and french helped fight off indians. They also got this region of l
Louisiana Purchase France once owned the Louisiana territory. The U.S. got this land by buying it from the Spanish. There were no treaties or war. They wanted new Orleans.
Red River Basin Disputed territory between U.S. and the British convention of 1818 that discussed the boundary of canada and the U.S. They decided to mark it at 49 degrees latitude
Oregon Territory This land was shared. There were no wars or treaties. Later, the Oregon territory became the United States. The British had a key port Vancouver. There were more Americans settling in Oregon.
Mexican Cession The Mexicans once owned the Mexican Cession. The U.S. got this land by buying from Mexico. The Mexican american war. The treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo. Mexico gets 15 million for half there country
Gadsden Purchase Disputed land between U.S. and Mexicans once owned the Gadsden Territory. The U.S. got this land through the treaty of Gadsden.They pay 10 million dollars for railroad. Transcontinental railroad
Texas Annexation The Mexicans once owned the Texas Annexation. Shortly after there was war. Mexico later gained it through whatever. cause of the industrial revolution. There was a rise of cotton. Mexico bands Slavery. a group of Texans rebel.
Florida Territory Spain once owned Florida. The U.S. got this land by the Adam-OnĂ­s Treaty of 1819. The U.S. Invades florida. Andrew Jackson was sitting on the border so its secure. They U.S. gives them 5 million dollars and Florida becomes ours
Created by: 19YoderJ