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Chapter 10

The Reshaping of Medieval Europe

During the Middle Ages, who gained a monopoly on the trade? Italy
What became the new centers for trade? Manors
To exchange goods for goods Barter
How many trade routes were there? three
The Northern trade route was known as the Silk Road
____________ became the centers for trade on the local level markets
__________ were allowed to produce extra goods and sell them for a profit serfs
Bartering was replaced by ______________ in the marketplace. money
_______________ grew in importance and acted as a bank would today moneychangers
The ______________ shaped economic ideas church
a price that included cost of materials, a fair return for labor, and a reasonable profit just price
the practice of charging interest for use of lent money usury
where privileges granted to a town were recorded charter
organizations that formed to regulate business practices of a town guild
What were the members of a craft guild from lowest to highest position? apprentices, journeyman, and masters
Germans that sought to control and organize trade in Northern Europe Hanseatic League
What new social class arose in the Middle Ages Middle Class
What killed a large portion of Europes population in the Middle Ages Black Plague
what caused disease and epidemics to spread so rapidly poor sanitation
What were the centers of activity towns
What were the primary learning centers Monasteries and Cathedrals
How did students choose their universities in the Middle ages By their teacher's qualificaitons
Where were the earliest universities Bologna, Italy and Paris
What was an intellectual movement characterized by an interest in theology and philosophy? Scholasticism
Who was the Archbishop and a scholastic thinker that concentrated on understanding God's revelation? Anselm
Who showed foresight in predicting future advancement of technology? Roger Bacon
What was Medieval Science based primarily on? Magic and superstition
Common spoken language is called vernacular
Who were the two greatest writers of the medieval period? Dante and Chaucer
Who wrote about a journey through hell, purgatory, and paradise>\? DANTE
Who traveled singing love songs to noblemen and their ladies troubadours
Art and Architecture were influenced mostly by the ? church
What two forms of architecture were most prevalent in the medieval period? Romanesque and Gothic
Who were credited with writing medieval hymns Francis of Assisi and Bernard of Clairvaus
What developed when people became more aware of common languages and traditions? nation-states
What was the struggle between England and France called that lasted from 1337-1453? Hundred Years War
What were some of the causes of the Hundred Years War English holdings in France and refusal to give Edward III the throne
The Battle of Crecy was fought during what War Hundred Years War
Who inspired French Nationalism during the Hundred Years war? Joan of Arc
Who eventually won the Hundred Years War? The French
What was the War of the Roses Civil war broke out in England between the House of Lancaster and the House of York
Why was it called the War of the Roses? Because each house was represented by a colored rose
What family ruled England as a result of the War of the Roses? Tudor
What was the taille? a tax by French kings
When the Spanish and Portuguese sought to drive out the Moors from the Iberian Peninsula this movement was called the the Reconquista
How was Spain created? When Ferdinand married Isabella
The collapse of ___________________ house ended German influence in Italy Hohenstaufen
The German Constitution was called The Golden Bull
What family ruled after the Hohenstafens? Hapsburg
Who challenged and embarrassed Pope Boniface VIII? Phillip IV
What was the period called when two popes ruled on in Avignon and the other in Rome Great Schism
What was the group called that was established to end the Great Schism? Council of Constance
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