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Chapter 9

5th grade Social Studies - After WWII

suburbs residential districts outside a city
communism government, economic system - government owns businesses and land
aggressor this sort of nation starts a war
commute to drive or ride to work
ideology beliefs you have in life
NATO alliance between the US, Canada and Western Europe
Cold War long bitter struggle between the U.S. and the Soviet Union - conflict of words, money, and ideas - but little direct fight
propaganda an effort to spread beliefs and opinions
credit card buying with borrowed money
suburbs smaller community outside a city
Korean War conflict in which United Nations forces defended South Korea against North Korean invations
Red Scare fear or panic about communist
G.I. Bill of Rights law that provided benefits to help veterans succeed in civilian society
Cuba communist missiles hear almost led to World War III in 1962
arms race build more and better weapons than your enemy
Cuban Missile Crisis conflict in which the Soviets were setting up nuclear missiles in Cuba
Berlin divided by a wall that prevented people in East Berlin from fleeing to non-communist West Berlin
Berlin Airlift when airplanes flew food and fuel into West Berlin
Marshall Plan program for European recovery after World War II
AFL-CIO largest labor organization in the nation
Created by: hweitzel