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World History

Chapter 19-20

Compass navigation tool invented by chinese
astrolabe brass circle with carefully adjusted rings marked off in degrees
Prince Henry the Navigator the nations most enthusiastic supporter of exploration
Barolomeu Dias portugese explorer whose motive was to serve God and his majesty
Vasco da Gama portugese explorer who explored the east african coast
treaty of tordesillas spain and portugal agreed to honor the line of demarcation.
christopher columbus genoese sea captain who sailed for spain.
pedro alvares cabral portuguese explorer claimed the land brazil for his country
amerigo vespucci italian explorer who claimed land along the east coast of south america (America)
vasco nunez de balboa marched through modern day panama and was the first to gaze at the pacific ocean
ferdinand magellan led the boldest exploration
hernando cortes spainard who landed on the shores of mexico
conquistadors spanish explorers who followed cortes
francisco pizarro conquered the Incan empire
mestizo spanish and native american population
juan ponce de leon landed on the coast of florida and claimed it for spain
francisco vasques de coronado searching for another wealthy empire to conquer
samuel de champlain french explorer sailed up the st. lawrence
new france quebec which became the base of frances colonial empire in north america
henry hudson englishman in service of the netherlands
jamestown colonies named it in honor of the king
pilgrims founded a second english colony
new netherland the dutch holds in north america
triangular trade transatlantic trading network where slaves and other goods were transported
middle passage voyage that brought captured africans to the west and later to north and south america
capitalism economic system based on private ownership
joint-stock company a business in which investors pool their wealth for a common purpose then share the profits
mercantilism economic policy under which nations sought to increase their wealth and power by obtaining large amounts of gold and silver by selling more goods than they bought
favorable balance of trade a country sells more goods abroad than it buys from abroad
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