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Section E Part 2+3


What is 'Worship'? The way people of faith praise and honour God through prayer and at religious services.
Name an example of private worship. Individual prayer
Name an example of public worship. Mass
How often do Roman Catholics celebrate the Eucharist? Every day
How often do Methodists celebrate the Eucharist? Once a month
Where do Muslims worship? A mosque
Where do Jews worship? A synagogue
Which churches practice liturgical worship? Roman Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox
Which churches practice non-liturgical worship? Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist
What is the focus in liturgical worship? The altar
What is the focus in non-liturgical worship? The pulpit
What is 'Ritual'? An occasion when people use symbolic words, objects and actions to express what is deeply important to them.
What is penitence? Sorrow for sin
What is the Gloria? A prayer of praise
Where is the first reading at Mass found? The Old Testament
Where is the second reading at Mass found? The New Testament
Who reads the Gospel at Mass? The priest
What is the homily? A sermon explaining the message of the Gospel and how it can be applied to everyday life.
What is the creed? A summary of what Catholics believe about God and the Church.
What is the Lord's Prayer? The Our Father
What is 'Participation'? Being actively involved in an act of worship.
How does the priest participate in the Mass? He leads the prayers and performs the ritual of the Eucharist.
How do lay ministers participate in the Mass? By taking on roles such as Minister of the Word, Minister of the Eucharist, Altar Server etc.
What are the five ways the congregation can actively participate in the Mass?
List the key elements of worship in all religions.
What does 'Encountering Mystery' mean? Connecting with something mysterious that is beyond human understanding.
What is 'Reflection'? Thinking deeply about the mysterious aspects of life.
What is 'Wonder'? A feeling inspired by some mysterious aspect of life.
What kind of experiences might prompt you to reflect on the mystery of life?
What is Monotheism? Belief in one God
What is Polytheism? Belief in many gods.
What is 'Worship as a Response to Mystery'? People responding to mystery by gathering together to perform acts of worship.
What is an 'Encounter with God'? Connecting with the mysterious presence of God in acts of worship.
What is a 'Celebration'? A religious ceremony performed in public for a community of faith.
What was the religious leader of the Celts called? A Druid
What is the religious leaders of Christians called? A Priest/Minister
Created by: MsMcCann
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